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Progress Update: NATIX Network May 2024

Progress Update: NATIX Network May 2024

NATIX Progress Update: MAY 2024

NATIXIANs, May is already behind us, and what a month that was! May was filled with events, partnerships, special features, and one massive token launch. With all we had going, in May we had immense growth in community members, smashing through the 100K Twitter followers milestone.

With so many events, two important DePIN partnerships were revealed, with CUDIS and Plato joining the ecosystem. CUDIS is a DePIN for wellness tracking, while Plato is a DePIN reshaping the dining experience. On the Drive& Marketplace users can now enjoy CUDIS AI ring discounts, for those who like to stay healthy, and Plato Season Pass discounts offering cashback rewards for those who like to eat out.

Let’s unravel everything we did this month.

Unpacking the numbers

NATIX Growth Numbers in May 2024

Before we jump into reviewing everything we had going on, let’s take a look at some of the numbers that made May a success. First and foremost, we crossed the 100K mark for registered Drive& users, ending the month with over 111K users.

We’re also at over 40M kilometers driven, which brings us a step closer to the first Network Lap and the much-anticipated airdrop. We’ve also cleared the quarter billion events detected with over 250M.

$NATIX Token Launch

NATIX Token launch on CoinList

Of course, our greatest achievement this May was the $NATIX Token Launch on CoinList. The launch was a success, with $5 million being sold out and oversubscribed. The biggest accomplishment was having over 11K participants in the launch, showing just how strong the NATIX Network community is.

$NATIX token plays a critical role in decentralizing physical infrastructure networks, and is the ultimate reward for NATIX Network participants, leveraging blockchain technology for the benefit of our users and contributors. When TGE? Soon!

Social Quests

NATIX Social Quests

We ended May with a bang and cooked up an exciting new event for the Drive& appSocial Quests. Social Quests allow all Drive& users, regardless of region, to participate for a chance to get their hands on some extra $NATIX.

May marked the beginning of the first season of Social Quests, which are segmented into two bi-weekly cycles, offering high rewards. The event will be ongoing throughout June so if you still haven’t taken the time to join, make sure to read the full details and we wish you the best of luck.

NATIX Token Economy Unwrapped

NATIX Token Economy Explained

Slightly before the $NATIX Token Launch on CoinList, we released the updated NATIX whitepaper and took the time to break down the NATIX token economy to make sure everyone was in the loop.

The NATIX Economy Unwrapped was our way to be 100% transparent with everything token-related, and simplify the process of understanding what is in-app NATIX, what is the $NATIX token, what each of them offers, and how they complement each other.

Big Names Joining NATIX

NATIX Strategic Investors

One of our biggest flexes this month was the addition of new investors to the already impressive list of those who put their trust, and funds, into NATIX. This month we revealed that DCG, Capital, and Velocity Capital invested in NATIX.

With the last addition of investors, the NATIX ecosystem has become more vibrant than ever, with the biggest names in Web3 and DePIN funding putting their trust in NATIX. We are committed to giving our users the best, using DePIN and AI to improve the infrastructure around us.

You do NOT want to miss out on June as we gear up towards the $NATIX TGE, which we already kicked off with “Mapping the Roads to TGE AMA: Episode 1.” Make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter @NATIXNetwork to stay up-to-date with our progress this month.

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