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NATIX Economy Unwrapped

NATIX Economy Unwrapped

NATIX Token Economy

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), like NATIX, are leading the charge in reshaping how we interact with infrastructure using blockchain technology. We want to take the time to break down the NATIX economy, exploring the difference between in-app $NATIX and $NATIX tokens, and how both are used to incentivize participation and reward users for their contributions.

The NATIX economy system is built on a solid foundation of balanced rewards for network participants. We reward users when they actively contribute to the network to ensure they are aligned with NATIX in generating valuable data for the long term.

Economy Overview

The NATIX economy is comprised mainly of the in-app $NATIX, the premium currency in Drive& app, and the $NATIX tokens, the cryptocurrency serving as the primary currency within the NATIX Network. $NATIX tokens and in-app $NATIX are interchangeable, to give our users the best experience, and both currencies have various functions within the NATIX ecosystem. Let’s break them down.

In-app $NATIX

In-app $NATIX is the premium currency in Drive& app given to those who contribute toward collecting geospatial data. In-app $NATIX has several in-app utilities:

  • In-app NATIX holders would be able to access certain premium Drive& features mainly around advanced driver-assistant applications.
  • In-app NATIX would also be utilized to settle purchases in the exclusive marketplace offers (premium goods and raffle tickets)
  • In-app NATIX may be utilized to participate in additional Gamification features such as boosters (Nitro)
  • In-app NATIX (HODL) offers advantages such as exclusive access to community airdrop, free monthly Marketplace raffle tickets, and premium offer discounts

Converting In-App $NATIX to $NATIX Token is only available after the Token Generation Event (TGE) which refers to the date that $NATIX is made available on centralized exchanges. Converting In-App $NATIX to $NATIX Token past the TGE will require a 30-day cooldown period*. Users who want to convert their In-App $NATIX to $NATIX Token immediately can do so but will be subjected to a 30% instant conversion fee*. The fee will be used for a permanent burn of $NATIX which ensures the long-term sustainability of the economy.

To reward our early adopters, users who want to convert their in-app $NATIX to $NATIX token immediately can do so for a 0% instant fee for a limited period.

*NATIX reserves the right to update or modify the cooldown period and/or the instant conversion fee in the future, but will communicate to the community in advance of potential modifications.

$NATIX Token

$NATIX tokens are digital assets that are designed to facilitate transactions and interactions among NATIX users, without the need for traditional intermediaries like banks. The total supply of the $NATIX Token is 100 billion, and the token has several functionalities:

  • xNodes – NATIX Network is a blockchain protocol that relies on a network of nodes that curate data generation, validation, and exchange, so $NATIX would be utilized to reward these nodes. Furthermore, NATIX validator nodes (i.e. xNodes) require long-term $NATIX as a bonding mechanism to punish malicious activities. xNodes are based on the number of available slots and $NATIX staked, and earn $NATIX according to their uptime and number of validations tasks completed.
  • Staking and voting power for system governance – Token holders can vote on larger decisions. To do so, the holder should stake their token
  • In-app utilities -Not directly after TGE, but later down the NATIX roadmap, users would be able to convert $NATIX to in-app $NATIX for users to benefit from the abovementioned Drive& app utilities.

Distribution, Governance, and Value

The distribution of $NATIX tokens is carefully planned to ensure a vibrant ecosystem while maintaining a sustainable token supply. Tokens are allocated to various stakeholders, including the team, advisors, incentivization pool, early backers, public sale, and reserves. Rewards are distributed to users based on their contributions to the network, creating a mutually beneficial system where everyone is fairly compensated.

The exact token distribution and corresponding vests are listed below:

  • Team and Advisors (20%): 9-month cliff followed by 30-month linear vest
  • Incentivization pool (reward, staking, ecosystem, and community) (37%): release based on product usage; slowly over the lifetime of the project
  • DEX/CEX Liquidity (8%): unlocked fully at TGE
  • Early backers (24.9%): 10% of the allocation unlocked at TGE, 6-month cliff, followed by 20-month linear vesting
  • Public Sale (5%): 25% of the allocation unlocked at TGE followed by 6-month linear vesting
  • Reserve (5.1%): 25% of the allocation unlocked at TGE followed by 48-month linear vesting
NATIX Token Distribution

Governance within the NATIX Network is decentralized, with token holders having the power to vote on important decisions. Users who stake their $NATIX tokens gain voting power and can actively participate in shaping the future of the network. The longer $NATIX is staked the higher the voting power!

The data generated by the NATIX Network has real-world value and is monetized to fund ongoing development and reward active participants. The Revenue generated from data monetization is initially distributed to the incentivization pool, ensuring that users are incentivized to contribute valuable data to the network. At later stages, we plan to distribute the protocol revenue majorly towards buyback/burn as well as stakers.

We intend to initiate a grant program for independent developers building new use cases on the NATIX network as another way to inject revenue back into the ecosystem. More information on this will be revealed soon so keep your eyes peeled.

The NATIX economy is built on principles of decentralization and transparency. By leveraging blockchain technology and tokenomics, NATIX is empowering users to actively participate in reshaping the future of infrastructure networks. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, it's essential for users to understand the fundamentals of the NATIX economy and how they can contribute to its growth and success.

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