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Detect, earn, and improve your city wherever you go! NATIX Drive& allows you to earn with every drive, anywhere, anytime.

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Earning process

How it works

01  |  Download
01  Download

Download the app on
Google Play or App Store

02  |  Drive
02  Drive

Place the phone on the dashboard and keep the app in active mode when driving

03  |  earn
03  earn

Earn points while driving and turn them into NTXT tokens, iLand NFT or other goods and services.

No video recorded

Our AI converts the road to numeric data (e.g. number of the cars). No images, videos, or personal identifying information ever leaves your phone.

Minimal data usage

The app consumes a minimal amount of data, protecting data plans and keeping costs down.

Smart fraud detection

Advanced fraud detection prevents dishonest activity and ensures safe and secure transactions.

Ways to earn


While Driving

You earn points for each kilometer (or 0.62 miles) driven when the app is in active mode and detects the road.


When detecting

Gain additional points for each event your phone detects. An event happens when you detect a specific type of data, like cars passing or a pothole.

You earn more depending on the type of event and whether you're the first to detect it in a set time period.


With Referrals

Earning is more fun with friends. Invite friends and family to download and use the app and both parties will have greater earnings.

Earn points for each new driver you invite to NATIX
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Be the first to use the app

This app is for

Taxi Drivers

Delivery Drivers

Tour Guides

Truck Drivers


Taxi drivers transport passengers from one part of the city to the next. That’s a lot of time on the road and distance traveled. The NATIX Drive& app increases the return on investment for every trip by offsetting pricey vehicle fuel and maintenance costs. What’s more, taxi drivers can benefit from additional services such as dash cam and speed radar alerts.  

Delivery drivers are on a tight schedule to get goods to the right places at the right time. This urgency means a constant push to traverse cities efficiently. So why not enhance this effort with a little added income? The NATIX Drive& app puts money in drivers’ pockets so drivers can focus on what matters: delivering their goods. The app also assists deliveries with a dashcam, speed radar alert, and turn-by-turn navigation.

What do scenic vistas, ancient ruins, historic buildings, and famous monuments have in common? They all require travel. Tour guides are always on the move, and it only makes sense to turn that travel into legal tender. The NATIX Drive& app enables tour guides to showcase a city and earn at the same time. Additionally, with driver assistant services, tour guides can drive more comfortably than ever.

Truck drivers know how to go the distance. Whether it’s an early morning drive, a midnight run, blizzard conditions, or a cross-country trek, truck drivers can push through almost anything to deliver their goods. The NATIX Drive& app allows extra rewards for every street crossed and city navigated. Beyond this, the app enhances the drive with driver assistant services to ensure a better road experience for truck drivers.

Budgets can be tight, economies can shift, and this means everyone needs opportunities to generate extra income. No matter if you drive all day or for a short grocery trip, the NATIX Drive& app gives everyone a chance to transform their journeys into extra cash. Further, the app empowers citizens to make their cities better by automatically reporting damaged roads, avoiding tickets by detecting police speed traps, and monitoring driving data.

What can I detect

Road obstacles

Road surface damages

Traffic congestion

Free parking spots

Your use-case

The app combines our privacy-compliant AI technology and your camera to collect a wide range of metadata from the environment.

This information is used to support real-time applications such as road maintenace, parking apps and more.

Road obstacles

Road surface damage

Traffic congestion

Free parking spots

Your use-case

It’s more than an earning app

Powerful. Sophisticated. Efficient.
Our app is constantly evolving with new features and updates for a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to download the app?

Nope! The app is free to download and use.

Do I need an iOS or Android device?

We support both iOS and Android devices

How much can I expect to earn?

The earnings can vary based on the distance driven, the type of data collected, and whether you're the first to detect it in a set period.

How do I get paid?

You will receive in-app points. You can turn these points into our cryptocurrency (NTXT), iLand NFT, gadgets, or donation to planet-saving projects.

Can I use the app while using driver apps like Google Maps, Uber, or Lyft?

Android users can use the Picture-in-Picture functionality to use NATIX Drive& while using other apps.

When will the app be launched?

The team is working hard to deliver the app in Q1 2023. We will release the exact launch date as soon as we set it.

Will the app be live in my country/city?

The app will be live in many countries and jurisdictions. The exact list will be communicated with the app launch date.

Do I need to buy iLand NFT to use the app?

No. The app is free to download and use. However, if you own an iLand NFT, you earn from the data generated and monetized on your piece of Land.

Can I be a beta tester for the app?

Of course. We will open the beta tester application soon. Make sure to follow us on Telegram and Twitter not to miss it.

Is it possible to earn points before the launch?

Yes! You earn points for every pre-launch day you are on the waitlist. We also have regular giveaways, airdrops, and challenges in our community on Twitter and Telegram.

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