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Looking For Extra $NATIX? Time To Go Social!

Looking For Extra $NATIX? Time To Go Social!

NATIX Social Quests on twitter


  • Link your X account & Phantom wallet in the Drive& app.
  • Earn social Points by using $NATIX or @NATIXNetwork in original tweets, engaging with tweets created by others, or engaging with official NATIX Network tweets.
  • Climb the Social Leaderboard.
  • Earn $NATIX if you are in the top 400 Social Leaderboard position, or among the 600 lucky raffle winners.
  • Social Quests Season 1 is two weeks long (May 30-June 13)
  • Anyone is eligible to participate in Social Quests, there are no regional restrictions.

We've cooked up an exciting new event for the Drive& app – Social Quests. As part of this event, we're introducing "Social Score" – to track your progress in completing Social Quests and determine your rank on the Social Leaderboard.

The first season of Social Quests will be two weeks long:

  • Social Quests cycle starts on Thursday, May 30th at 3 pm CET, and will run until June 13th at 10 am CET.
NATIX Social Quests for Drive& App

How to participate

To participate in Social Quests and earn Social Score, link your X account and connect your Phantom wallet in the NATIX Drive& app to get started. Complete Social Quests like tweeting, replying, quoting, and liking posts related to NATIX Network on Twitter to increase your Social Score. Your posts MUST include @NATIXNetwork or $NATIX to ensure your activities are rewarded.

NATIX Social Score Leaderboard

Your Social Score will be automatically calculated and added to your Drive& account every 24 hours. Keep track of the Social Leaderboard as you may experience a higher ranking at first as more users join the competition.

Here’s an example of a tweet to get you started:

Want to get in on one of the hottest #DePIN and #AI projects? Don't miss out on $NATIX! 🚀
@NATIXNetwok is building the first AI-powered smart camera network for mapping applications. 
Social Quests are live on Drive&! Join now for a chance to win BIG rewards! 🎁

Example  of Social Tweet

Rules of the game

Eligibility: We’ve designed Social Quests to accommodate all Drive& users, with no region restrictions, everyone can participate so long as they follow the rules listed below.

At NATIX, we value ingenuity and originality, so we took measures to ensure quality engagement is key. We've established some rules against cheating, spamming, and engagement farming. Failure to follow these rules might result in not receiving points or being disqualified from participation:

  • Content Relevance:
    • All tweets must include @NATIXNetwork or $NATIX. Tweets with any other @ or $ tags will fail to earn points.
    • Quality over quantity – Interactions need to be genuine, relevant, at least 70 characters long (excluding tags), and have no external links. We will be monitoring content quality. Tweets that do not adhere to these specifications will not earn points.
  • Content Originality:
    • No duplicating content. Each post must be unique and different from your previous content. Content will be monitored for originality, and repeated messages will be filtered out. 
    • Automated or repetitive interactions such as self-likes, self-replies, or self-quotes will be excluded.
  • Account Authenticity:
    • Participation will only be accepted by Twitter accounts active for at least 6 months. This is to ensure these are genuine accounts and to prevent bot activity.
    • Accounts created solely for promotion, spamming, or reward farming will not be considered legitimate.

Here’s an example of a tweet that will not be counted (missing @NATIXNetwork or $NATIX):

Social Farming Example

Influencer (KOL) multiplier

As a bonus, participants with a higher number of followers will receive a multiplier on their points, promoting content creators with a wide reach. The more followers you have, the higher your multiplier, allowing you to earn even more rewards for your engagement!

Influencer Boost for Social Quests


Social Quests Reward Distribution

Social Quests rewards in Season 1 will amount to 200 Million in-app NATIX (convertible to $NATIX as described below), i.e. 0.2% of the total $NATIX token supply. The reward will be split as such: 100M in-app NATIX will be distributed among the top 400 on the social leaderboard – the higher you rank the more you earn – while an additional 100M in-app NATIX will be raffled between another 600 users with over 100 Social Points (excluding the top 400).

Social Quests Cycle 1 Rewards

In-app NATIX can be converted to $NATIX Token after the Token Generation Event (TGE) which refers to the date that $NATIX is made available on centralized exchanges. Converting in-app NATIX to $NATIX Token will require a 30-day cooldown period.* Users who want to convert their in-app NATIX to $NATIX Token immediately will be able to do so but will be subjected to a 30% instant conversion fee.* The fee will be used for a permanent burn of $NATIX which ensures the long-term sustainability of the economy.

To reward our early adopters, users who want to convert their in-app NATIX to $NATIX token immediately can do so for a 0% instant fee for a limited period.*

*NATIX reserves the right to update or modify the cooldown period and/or the instant conversion fee in the future, which will be communicated in advance.

To learn about the full potential of in-app NATIX and a detailed explanation of its relationship with the $NATIX Token, please refer to the NATIX Economy Unwrapped.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Social Quests and start earning rewards for your social engagement within the NATIX community. Keep an eye on your Social Score, climb the leaderboard, and earn in-app NATIX every two weeks. Don't miss out on this exciting event!

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