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NATIX & Plato: The Ultimate DePIN Dining Journey Reaches Drive& Marketplace

NATIX & Plato: The Ultimate DePIN Dining Journey Reaches Drive& Marketplace

NATIX and Plato Partnership

NATIX Network is excited to announce a transformative partnership with Plato, a pioneering on-chain reputation and gamified dining experience platform. We’re allowing our food-loving DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure networks) drivers to help revolutionize the food economy with DePIN innovation.

As two smartphone-based projects, NATIX and Plato exemplify the potential of cross-collaboration between DePIN projects, aiming to enhance real-world experiences by bringing Web3 innovation to the smartphone. Through this partnership, drivers have the option to earn by using their devices to explore new venues or visit their favorite dining spots when on the road.

Plato: Revolutionizing the Food Economy

Plato is on a mission to revolutionize the food economy by creating a unique dataset around dining experiences, backed by proof of purchase at restaurants. This approach enables users to enjoy a personalized restaurant discovery, reservation, and payment experience. At its core, Plato operates as a rewards protocol, empowering users to Eat2Earn at dining establishments worldwide, supporting over 15 million restaurants.

Through the intuitive Plato Eats dApp, available on both iOS and Android, Plato incentivizes a network of data collectors with rewards sourced from restaurant marketing budgets. This collaborative effort results in the creation of the world's premier verified food data source, offering valuable insights and benefits to both diners and restaurant owners.

Enhancing Dining Experiences with DePIN Technology

The partnership between NATIX and Plato brings together cutting-edge technologies. NATIX's DePIN drivers, committed to geospatial data collection can now enjoy Plato's gamified dining rewards system, for a rewarding journey from restaurant to restaurant. Drive& users can help create a comprehensive and rewarding dining journey for all.

As part of this collaboration, NATIX users will benefit from exclusive discounts on Plato season passes available in the Drive& marketplace. With a Plato Eats Pass, users can earn 30% cashback with in-network restaurants as indicated on the Plato app, and 10% cashback when dining at out-of-network restaurants. This offers an exciting opportunity for users to enjoy rewarding dining experiences as they travel to satisfy their next craving. NATIX and Plato are committed to continuously innovating and providing users with the best of both worlds. By harnessing the power of blockchain and mobile networks, we have the opportunity to create a more connected and rewarding world for all.

Stay tuned for updates and further developments on the NATIX and Plato partnership. Follow NATIX Network on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord to join the conversation and be part of the DePIN revolution. Or download Drive& and start earning today while enjoying rewarding dining experiences with Plato's innovative Eat2Earn platform.

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