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$NATIX Token Launch - All You Need To Know

$NATIX Token Launch - All You Need To Know

NATIX Token launches on Coinlist

What’s going on?

It’s here, it’s time! The $NATIX token launch on CoinList is live and available to the community!

Why should I care?

$NATIX token plays a critical role in decentralizing physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), and is the ultimate reward for NATIX Network participants, leveraging blockchain technology for the benefit of our users and contributors.

How do I participate?

Follow these steps:

  1. See if the $NATIX public sale is available in your jurisdiction:
  2. Register on CoinList: (If you were whitelisted please make sure to use the same email and EVM address with which you won your whitelist spot)
  3. Complete the KYC process — you’ll need your ID document and a laptop or smartphone with a camera
  4. Load your CoinList wallet with your desired contribution amount (make sure to check the minimum / maximum purchase limits)
  5. Head to NATIX Token Launch page on CoinList  
  6. Commit your purchase of $NATIX tokens; You can follow the steps in this video:

      7. Experiencing issues with the CoinList registration, KYC, or login process? Fill in this form - We are working with the CoinList team to prioritize our community's

        8. Follow NATIX Network’s official channels for more info

Into the nitty-gritty

  • Platform: CoinList
  • KYC: Mandatory
  • Start Date: May 16th, 2024, 17:00 UTC
  • End Date: May 23rd, 2024, 17:00 UTC
  • Allocated supply: 5,000,000,000 $NATIX tokens (SPL)
  • % of total supply: 5%*
  • Fixed token price: $0.001 per token
  • Fully diluted network value: $100,000,000
  • Minimum purchase limit: $100
  • Maximum purchase limit: $2,000
  • Purchase Options: USDC, USDT
  • Vesting schedule: 25% unlock on TGE followed by a 6-month linear vesting
  • Eligible participants: Excluded participants include residents of the US (and its territories), Canada, China, North Korea, and certain additional jurisdictions (as indicated here:

    *If you are a citizen of the UK or South Korea, after completing the KYC, the $NATIX token page will not show on your CoinList dashboard. You can still participate by going directly to $NATIX Launch page on CoinList.

*We strongly recommend not using VPN or erasing and recreating any pending entities, as that will further slow down the process.
**CoinList reserves the right to modify access systems at its discretion.

NATIX Tokenomics

Token supply: The total supply of the NATIX Token is 100 billion. (You are welcome to read NATIX Economy Explainer Blog)

Distribution: The exact token distribution and corresponding vests are listed below:

  1. Team and Advisors (20%): 9-month cliff followed by 30-month linear vest
  2. Incentivization pool (reward, staking, ecosystem, and community) (37%): release based on product usage; slowly over the lifetime of the project
  3. DEX/CEX Liquidity (8%): unlocked fully at TGE
  4. Early backers (24.9%): 10% of the allocation unlocked at TGE, 6-month cliff, followed by 20-month linear vesting
  5. Public Sale (5%): 25% of the allocation unlocked at TGE followed by 6-month linear vesting
  6. Reserve (5.1%): 25% of the allocation unlocked at TGE followed by 48-month linear vesting
NATIX Tokenomics Explained

The $NATIX token is the ultimate reward for ecosystem actors, and offers the following functionalities:

  • xNodes – NATIX Network operates on a blockchain protocol leveraging a network of nodes that curate data generation, validation, and exchange.  NATIX tokens are used to incentivize these nodes, particularly NATIX validator nodes (i.e. xNodes), which require long-term NATIX holdings as a bonding mechanism to deter malicious activities. xNodes are based on the number of available slots and NATIX staked, and earn NATIX according to their uptime and number of validations tasks completed. 
  • Staking and voting power for system governance – Token holders can participate in protocol governance decisions by staking their tokens. Only users with staked NATIX Tokens will have governance power to ensure that only long-term token holders aligned with NATIX will be able to vote. To build an engaged community, the longer users have staked the tokens, the more voting power such users would achieve. Active governance participation is incentivized with NATIX tokens. NATIX Network Governance will be rolled out in three phases:
    • Phase 1 : Limited Governance – Proposals can be posted by the core contributors to the vote of the token holders on key issues such as protocol fees and major parameter changes
    • Phase 2 : Increased Governance – Proposals can be posted by token stakers with a minimum amount of tokens for the vote of the token holders. These proposals can change protocol fees and other major parameters.
    • Phase 3: Full Decentralization – Proposals can be posted by token holders with a substantial amount of tokens and change any aspect of the protocol.
  • In-app (Drive&) utilities – NATIX can also be converted to in-app NATIX (“ aNATIX”) for users to make the most from the Drive& app utilities:
    • In-app NATIX holders gain access to premium Drive& features, particularly advanced driver-assistant applications (e.g. parking finder, advanced dashcam functionalities, and other exclusive features).
    • In-app NATIX is utilized for purchases in the exclusive marketplace, featuring premium goods and services. The marketplace within the NATIX Network's Drive& app offers users with a diverse selection, including gadgets, electronics, gift cards, and offers from other DePIN projects.
    • Accumulating and holding aNATIX offers advantages such as exclusive access to community rewards, complimentary monthly marketplace offerings, and premium offer discounts.

*In-app NATIX (i.e. aNATIX) is a point-based system that stands as the premium currency in Drive& app, to reward those who contribute the most toward collecting geospatial data. Note that aNATIX is NOT a token or other cryptocurrency. aNATIX points can be converted into NATIX tokens following a cooldown period (or an instant withdrawal fee). NATIX is also convertible to aNATIX. Drive& app users can convert NATIX to aNATIX to be able to benefit from the in-app utilities listed above.


NATIX Network is building an open geospatial Intelligence network using their proprietary AI and smartphone cameras. NATIX’s flagship product “Drive&” uses driver assistant apps (e.g. dashcam and navigation), token incentives, computer vision AI, and smartphone cameras to crowdsource real-time data creating an open geospatial Intelligence network that rewards users for contributing. With over 100K registered drivers and over 34 million KM covered in only one year, NATIX is:

  • A hyper-scalable DePIN model due to the following aspects:  
    • Smartphone strategy While hardware-based solutions are often bottlenecked by supply chain and logistic challenges, there is no need to buy any hardware to join NATIX, it’s as simple as downloading a smartphone app. 
    • Crypto and non-crypto rewards Drive& offers crypto and non-crypto incentives through the Marketplace, providing appeal to a broad audience, making it suitable for both crypto and non-crypto-native users.
    • Real utility for drivers Drive& provides driver-assistance features to the users such as dashcam and navigation, parking finder, and more in the future. As a result, earning will become a secondary reason for using the product. 
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