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NATIX & CUDIS: The Wellness DePIN Drivers Deserve

NATIX & CUDIS: The Wellness DePIN Drivers Deserve

NATIX Partnership with CUDIS

NATIX Network is thrilled to announce an innovative partnership with CUDIS, a pioneering DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure network) that merges AI, wellness wearables, blockchain, and fashion.

As two of the fastest-growing DePIN projects and members of the Solana ecosystem, this collaboration signifies a shared vision to revolutionize wellness tracking and geospatial data collection through advanced technology and decentralized networks. Similar to traditional industry collaborations, NATIX views the DePIN world as a realm for cross-collaboration between projects that complement each other perfectly.

CUDIS: Merging Wellness with Blockchain Technology

Originating in California, CUDIS epitomizes the perfect fusion of AI, wellness wearables, blockchain, and fashion. Founded by a team from top universities like UCLA and UC Berkeley, with experience at renowned companies such as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Binance, Solana, NextHealth, and Nike, CUDIS aims to democratize wellness tracking. Their mission is to provide accessible and rewarding wellness services backed by blockchain encryption, giving health data control to users and allowing them to monetize it through token rewards.

In the next 18 months, CUDIS plans to deliver over 1 million wearable DePIN products to both Web2 and Web3 users. Central to this ecosystem is the CUDIS ring, a luxurious and sleek wearable made with titanium and ceramic. With features like IP68 waterproofing, a rotatable black/white ceramic body, Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility, and a 7-day battery life.

One Ring to Cure Them All

The CUDIS ring is designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life. It boasts a suite of biometric sensors that monitor and measure biometric data such as heartbeat, sleep, strain, blood pressure, and more, 24/7.

The CUDIS application, available on both iOS and Android, serves as the dashboard for all biometric data, a personalized wellness coach, a hub for social wellness activities, and a display for wellness badges and achievements. This makes it easy for users to track their health and stay motivated.

The partnership between NATIX and CUDIS brings the best of both worlds to users. NATIX will offer CUDIS AI ring discounts on the Drive& marketplace, allowing users to easily purchase these innovative wearables. The collaboration will also include an AMA session to provide deeper insights into this partnership, with more activities to come.

A Perfect Partnership for Wellness and Precision

Who says DePIN drivers should not take care of their health? This partnership ensures that users can prioritize their well-being while benefiting from the latest advancements in DePIN technology.

The NATIX and CUDIS collaboration is one of cutting-edge technologies, as we work together to enhance the driving experience and wellness tracking, providing users with accurate data and meaningful health insights. This partnership represents a significant advancement in bringing Web3 innovation to everyday life, making wellness and precision data more accessible and rewarding.

Stay tuned for updates and further developments on the NATIX and CUDIS partnership. Follow NATIX Network on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord to join the conversation and be part of the DePIN revolution. Or download Drive& and start earning today while taking care of your health with CUDIS's innovative wearables.

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