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Progress Update: NATIX Network April 2024

Progress Update: NATIX Network April 2024

NATIX April 2024 pdate

We hope your April has been as eventful as ours, NATIXIANs, and with another end-of-the-month comes another progress update. This month we had a lot going in terms of announcements, changes, updates, and community growth, let’s get to it.

We barely had the time to catch our breath this April, with so many events and announcements, including our participation in Token2049 in Dubai which reached its peak with DePIN2049 on the last day of the event. 

Furthermore, we also had a very interesting DePIN partnership with GEODNET this month, one that holds great promise for future collaborations.

Unpacking the numbers

NATIX Growth in April 2024

Another month went by, with a few more notable numbers to share regarding the NATIX network. Firstly, we’re getting extremely close to crossing the 100K Drive& app users, as the month ended with a little over 96K.

In terms of kilometers driven, we’ve crossed 30 million kilometers, which puts us at over 30% toward the first Network Laps milestone. Another impressive number to share is that collectively, the network detected over 200 million events through the Drive& app!

$4.6M Strategic Round

NATIX Fundraiser April 024

This month we closed a very important strategic funding round for NATIX, securing $4.6 million with big names in Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) and blockchain technology funding putting their trust in NATIX and our vision.

With the conclusion of this strategic round, we reached an accumulated amount of $9.6 million in investments, which will assist us to continue growing the network and ecosystem, introducing more driver-assistant features on the Drive& app, and partnering with mapping and geospatial data giants for B2B monetization. Eventually, we aim to revolutionize the DePIN sector and these funds are just boost we need.

Going Wif Solana

Solana x NATIX partnership announcement banner

This month we shared an exciting update regarding the upcoming launch of the $NATIX token, announcing that the token will be launching on the Solana blockchain. The choice to go with Solana was a no-brainer for us, especially due to Solana's lightning-fast transaction speeds, low fees, and mobile-friendly infrastructure.

The vibrant ecosystem of Solana’s projects and protocols opens up a world of possibilities for us — from decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and lending platforms to non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces and more. We plan to expand the benefits of going with Solana, as we intend to share more information on this throughout the next month.Meanwhile, for our partnership with peaq, we will still be using their Modular DePIN Functions (e.g. DID and data verification) as they are easy to use and are invaluable to powering our infrastructure, as we continue to build together with peaq’s amazing team.

NITRO and HODL on Drive&

NATIX Announces Nitro for Drive& App

The NATIX Drive& app had some exciting new features being added in April with the introduction of NITRO and the HODL Score. NITRO is an important component of Drive&’s gamification features, allowing users to quadruple their mission earnings for a set amount of time, requiring a little strategizing on when it is best used to maximize profits.

HODL Score, on the other hand, embraces the full potential of Web3 functionalities on Drive&, giving users an incentive for long-term diamond hands holders. 

Transition to GALXE

NATIX Community Moves to GALXE

In April, we announced that we would be leaving Zealy, and transitioning to GALXE, opening an exciting new chapter for the NATIX Network community. The reason for this move and why we chose Galxe lies in the exciting features and benefits, specifically the quest flexibility and the full Web3 technology integration that Galxe offers.

Throughout this month we labored tirelessly to transfer all your progress on Zealy to Galxe, so our users get the best of this new platform, along with creating Galxe Cards to complete this transition.

What’s next?

April’s recap includes so much information, which reflects our ongoing process of achieving our goal of bringing DePIN and Web3 technology to every smartphone out there. Our community keeps growing at a dazzling pace, showing us your support which fuels our efforts every single day.

May is going to be even crazier with much to do, a lot of processes to finalize, and many things left to reveal. Make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter @NATIXNetwork to stay up-to-date with our progress this month.

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