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NATIX Network Community Moves to GALXE

NATIX Network Community Moves to GALXE

NATIX Community move to Galxe

Dear NATIX Network community, we are thrilled to announce an important update regarding our social community platform. Starting this April, we will be moving from Zealy to Galxe. This transition marks an exciting new chapter for the NATIX Network community, and we cannot wait to embark on this journey with you.

To ensure a smooth process, all community members will need to create an account on Galxe using their Discord ID as well as connect their EVM address to access our space and retain their points from Zealy. Zealy quests will stop on April 5th by midday CET. We will review all pending quests submitted by that time, and take a snapshot of the leaderboard to transfer your points to Galxe.

Why Galxe?

But why Galxe, you may ask? Galxe offers many exciting features and benefits that we believe will enhance your experience as part of the NATIX community. With Galxe, you'll have access to a platform that provides greater flexibility on quests and is fully integrated with Web3 technology. Consequently, we'll be able to introduce on-chain activities and quests after the $NATIX token launch, allowing for a more seamless and engaging experience for all users.

So, what does this transition process entail? First and foremost, we will be moving the Network Laps (our Airdrop Program to Galxe). Starting with the April Cycle, we will be closing down Zealy, and users will need to complete missions through Galxe instead. Zealy Cards will now be called Galxe Cards, reflecting our transition to the Galxe platform.

Galxe Cards Replace Zealy Cards

Rest assured, all your progress on Zealy, including your all-time leaderboard ranking as well as your February and March Cycle leaderboard positions, will be transferred to Galxe. Additionally, all the quests that you know and love will still be available on Galxe. Your points will be transferred to Galxe leaderboard a few days after the transition occurs on April 5th. All Galxe quests and the April Cycle will start on April 8th.

Galxe Cards

Exciting Future Ahead

We have some exciting things in store for the entire Galxe community. We will launch a very special campaign exclusively for Galxe users. Furthermore, this transition to Galxe gives us a chance to add brand-new and unique missions, so stay tuned for more details. 

We are incredibly excited about this transition to Galxe and the opportunities it will bring to our community. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm, and we look forward to building a vibrant and thriving community together on Galxe.

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