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NATIX secures $4.6 Million in funding ahead of $NATIX token launch

NATIX secures $4.6 Million in funding ahead of $NATIX token launch

NATIX rises 4.6$ investment before token launch

We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed a $4.6 million strategic funding round that will mainly be used to power our efforts ahead of the $NATIX token launch. The round was spearheaded by Borderless Capital, one of the biggest names in DePIN project funding, recently raising a $100 million fresh DePIN fund, and co-led by Tioga Capital, one of the leading investment management firms focused on blockchain innovation.

The funding round saw participation from a distinguished group of investors, including Escape Velocity, Big Brain, WAGMI Ventures, Inception Capital, Laser Digital, IOTEX, Moonrock Capital, Cogitent, Room 40 ventures, Veris Ventures, Future Money Group, iAngles, Gracy Chen (Managing Director at Bitget), James Parillo (General Partner at Figment), Paul Taylor (Former private equity partner at Blackrock), Vijay Pravin Maharajan (CEO at bitsCrunch), and Crypto Banter. This diverse coalition of supporters and well-known names in the Web3 world underscores the widespread recognition and confidence in NATIX's innovative approach to harnessing real-time geospatial data.

This investment marks a significant milestone for NATIX and our mission to revolutionize the decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) sector. At the heart of our vision lies the commitment to democratizing access to geospatial data through our flagship product, "Drive&."

With the conclusion of this strategic round, we accumulated a total of $9.6 million in investments, as we aim to fulfill the full potential of DePIN and give back to the community. The timing of this funding round coincides with our planned launch on the Solana blockchain, renowned for its efficiency and scalability. By leveraging Solana's infrastructure, NATIX can introduce its native token, $NATIX, and implement web3 incentive models to drive infrastructure development and maintenance.

NATIX Network continues to demonstrate its immense growth since being named one of the fastest-growing DePIN projects of 2023 by Messari. The NATIX smartphone strategy is superior in scalability potential as we expand towards the goal of mass adoption of DePIN innovation. With the latest funds raised, NATIX can continue growing the network and its ecosystem, introducing more driver-assistant features on the Drive& app and partnering with mapping and geospatial data giants for B2B monetization.

We’re proud to have the backing of Borderless Capital as a leading name in the Web3 world, and wish to share the kind words of Alvaro Garcia, Partner at Borderless Capital, that they are:

“Impressed by NATIX's innovative use of smartphone cameras to build a network for crowdsourced geospatial data. Not only does it enhance scalability and simplify user onboarding, but makes it easier to provide users with significant rewards and perks, boosting engagement throughout. “

Of course, without Tioga Capital’s support as co-leader, this wouldn’t be possible. Nicolas Priem, General Partner at Tioga Capital, showed his support by saying:

"They believe that NATIX is uniquely positioned to continue scaling the platform and build out valuable applications for its drivers and projects in need of high-quality geospatial data.”

Looking ahead, we’re poised to expand Drive&’s functionalities with more driver assistant apps with our cutting-edge computer vision AI and smartphone cameras. Our smartphone strategy makes onboarding more users to the network as simple as downloading an app, allowing us to bring the best Web3 has to offer to the masses.

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