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NATIX App Gets Turbocharged With NITRO and HODL

NATIX App Gets Turbocharged With NITRO and HODL

 Nitro Turbocharged racing car earning NATIX Points

Drive& is getting some new features, amplifying its gamification aspects, boosting competition, and rewarding avid users. We have three important features joining the race in this new update, NITRO, HODL Score, and Leaderboard Progress Bar, each packed with details to give our users the best experience DePIN has to offer. Let’s unwrap the changes!


NITRO is the newest and most exciting component being added to the Drive& app, aimed at users to temporarily boost their missions’ earnings, with a twist of strategy involved. NITRO is available in active regions for now, allowing you to get that necessary push to overtake your peers on the regional leaderboard.


Activate NITRO and multiply all mission points earned by 4, up to a maximum of 30 missions, for the next 10 days. The NITRO bonus only applies to missions started, completed, and claimed within the 10-day NITRO activation period. 

After 30 missions, 10 days, or when the monthly Cycle ends, the NITRO session will be over and mission earnings will revert back to normal. You can only activate NITRO once every monthly Cycle, so use it wisely.

HODL Score


We’re getting ready to embrace the full potential of Web3 functionalities on Drive& smartphone app with the brand new in-app $NATIX HODL Score for active regions. HODL score unlocks access to special rewards, including community airdrops, free marketplace raffle tickets, and various surprise benefits within the app.

Your HODL score is based on the amount of in-app $NATIX you hold and the duration you keep them, incentivizing long-term diamond hands holders. HODL score only increases, reflecting your commitment without penalizing you for fluctuations in holdings. You can view your HODL score in your Drive& Wallet icon on the top right of your home screen.

Leaderboard progress bar

We’re adding another gamification feature to Drive&, aimed at boosting competition and activity. The Leaderboard progress bar shows your journey towards qualifying to join the leaderboard.

NATIX App Leaderboard Progress Bar

Your target indicates the total number of kilometers you need to drive to join the leaderboard, and the bar showcases your progress in real-time toward the target kilometers needed to join this Cycle’s leaderboard.

This concludes the new changes introduced to Drive& this update. We’re working tirelessly to give our users the best driving experience and will continue to do so. Make sure to follow @NATIXNetwork on Twitter to stay up-to-date with our latest updates.

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