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Progress Update: NATIX Network March 2024

Progress Update: NATIX Network March 2024

MARCH 2024 Progress Update

Hey NATIXIANs another month is behind us and what a month that was. Before we shift it into 5th gear in April, it’s time to unwrap our activity for March. A community that just keeps on growing, and with much work ahead of us, March was wild.

This month we introduced some new features to the Drive& app, expanded our collaborations, and even launched the first Whitelist campaigns. We also held some important AMAs, and continue to receive love from the community.

April is going to be insane as we have a lot of interesting updates in the pipeline. Let’s take a quick snapshot.

Unpacking the numbers

NATIX App March 2024 Growth Numbers

In March we crossed some important thresholds in terms of community growth and activity. We’re getting close to the 100k mark with over 84K registered Drive& users, and cleared more than 20% towards the first Network Lap with more than 21 million kilometers covered.

March is the first month where we reached the 5-digit mark for daily active Drive& users with over 10K, and over 160 million events detected. Our AI is definitely working overtime!

We’re constantly innovating and FOMO is building up for April as we are rapidly nearing the $NATIX token launch. Make sure you follow @NATIXNetwork on Twitter for future updates.

NATIX Public Sale Whitelist

NATIX Token, Public Sale Whitelist Competition

Our biggest announcement this month was the opening up of our first #whitelist spots in anticipation of the $NATIX token. At first, we launched the competition only for our early supporters and gradually opened up more spots for the public.

We’ve had a lot of interest shown and many newcomers who joined us and we welcome everyone. The Whitelist competition will be ongoing throughout April, so don’t forget to check out for new updates in this regard. For now, remember to connect your wallet for a chance to win a spot.

New Drive& Features

NATIX App - Connect Your Crypto Wallet

Mid-March we introduced new updates to the Drive& app, adding the Wallet Connect feature in preparation for the $NATIX token. The addition of the wallet connect made things real for everyone as we set up to tap into the full capabilities of Web3 technology.

As part of the same update, we also made changes to our token supply, setting it at 100 billion $NATIX, adjusted in-app $NATIX earnings accordingly, and tweaked the earning mechanism globally.

The last thing we introduced in this update was the region activation tracker, so regions close to activation know exactly where they’re at. If you still haven’t, read the full app update, check our blog about Region Activation Tracker and Wallet Connect.

Silencio Partnership

NATIX and Silencio Partnership

As part of our expansions and growth in the DePIN space, we partnered up with another amazing DePIN project, Silencio Network. Both NATIX and Silencio share a common goal of building a network based on smartphones, bringing Web3 technology to your trusted device.

To celebrate this partnership we held a very anticipated AMA with Silencio, where we also had the privilege to invite our special guest, Leonard, Co-founder of Peaq.
Throughout the AMA we discussed how we’re bringing DePIN innovation with the smartphone strategy, with Peaq being the common denominator between the two projects, and what the future holds for users of both NATIX and Silencio. 

Additionally, we delved into the bigger picture of DePIN, discussing the current stage of DePIN within Web3 and what the future holds.

At the end, we opened up the stage for all our live listeners to ask their questions as well as announced our giveaway rewards for the users who tuned in.

What’s next?

April will likely be when we take things to the next level. We have some more new features coming to the Drive& app, more partnerships with DePIN projects, and some special announcements regarding NATIX and the $NATIX Token.

We expect this coming month to see the biggest leap in community growth as of yet, and continue reaching for the sky with some milestones. We’re nearly there for the $NATIX token, and our efforts to become one of the biggest DePIN projects out there. Let’s drive forward together!

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