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Drive& Evolved: Introducing the new Reward System & Referral Program

Drive& Evolved: Introducing the new Reward System & Referral Program

NATIX Drive& Major Update with New Gamification, Jems and Referrals

The countdown to the much-anticipated Phase 1 of the NATIX token launch is on! Mark your calendars for February 1st, as this day will mark a significant evolution for NATIX Network and the Drive& app. We've previously teased you with snippets of our novel gamification features, and now, it's time for a full reveal. This update is set to evolve the current Drive& point system, enabling users to directly earn “in-app $NATIX” before the token launch.

The culmination of our product team's relentless efforts is on the horizon. As we gear up for one of the most substantial updates Drive& has ever seen, the excitement for Phase 1 of the token launch has never been higher.

In this deep dive, we will unpack the changes awaiting Drive& users. From the introduction of new in-game currencies enabling in-app $NATIX earnings, to the competitive “Cycle” concept and revamped regional leaderboards, there's a lot to cover. Let's get started!

Introducing Cycles

Cycles represent a significant evolution debuting in Drive& with the Phase 1 launch. This new competitive layer will spice up the Drive& experience, allowing users to compete for the top leaderboard positions to be rewarded with the most in-app $NATIX, later exchangeable for the NATIX token. Each Cycle is a calendar month, during which users drive and complete missions to gain Cycle Points and climb the monthly leaderboard. When a Cycle concludes, the leaderboard is wiped clean, setting the stage for a fresh Cycle start.

Your position on the leaderboard not only showcases your skill and dedication as a NATIX driver but also directly impacts your in-app $NATIX rewards. Being consistently active and competitive increases your chance of bigger in-app $NATIX earnings during each Cycle. Users in the top 60% of each cycle will receive both in-app $NATIX and GEMs, the next 30% will earn GEMs, and the bottom 10% won't receive Cycle rewards at all.* The good news is that for the first 6 months (subject to extension) all users are guaranteed to earn in-app $NATIX. Yes, you heard it right. Even the bottom 10% of the leaderboard!

Our Cycle-based reward system adapts to growth. We actively monitor and adjust rewards based on performance, ensuring that as the NATIX community expands, so do opportunities for earning $NATIX. This guarantees that active participants enjoy competitive rewards, fostering a thriving and inclusive ecosystem.

Monthly Cycles and NATIX Drive & Cycle 0

Regional Leaderboards

We're embracing fairness and inclusivity with region-based leaderboards. This approach levels the playing field, enabling users in less data-dense regions to compete effectively. In-app $NATIX and GEM rewards will vary by region, reflecting the market value of data. Also, as each regional network grows, NATIX can adjust the Cycle rewards to reflect such network growth.

On February 1st, the launch day, Regional Leaderboards in only selected regions will be activated. We will be tracking network growth and activating new regions accordingly. We will soon announce the criteria for new region activations and will integrate a progress bar for non-activated regions to see how close they are to having their regional leaderboard unlocked. As it stands, the first two regions to be supported are:

  • North America: USA • Canada
  • Europe I: EU • UK • Norway • Switzerland

Update (February 20): On March 1st, Regional Leaderboard will also be activated in East Asia I region.

  • East Asia I: Japan • South Korea • Taiwan • Singapore • Hong Kong

To maintain reward quality and fair competition, users will have to qualify to join the leaderboard in every cycle. There are multiple ways of securing an entry to the leaderboard:

  • Invites – Getting invited guarantees access to compete on the current Cycle leaderboard (and not necessarily the next Cycle).
  • Active Users – Users who have driven at least 5 kilometers in the current Cycle can qualify for a Cycle leaderboard position.*
  • Retrospectively Active Users – Users who have driven at least 5 kilometers in the previous Cycle can qualify for a pass of the current Cycle leaderboard.*

Cycle 0

Cycle 0 is the stepping stone to Phase 1. Existing users can convert their Drive& points to in-app $NATIX and GEMs starting January 25th until Jan 31st at 23:30 (GMT). Remember, manual conversion is crucial – miss the deadline, and you lose your points. To participate, you need a minimum of 50,000 points and at least a total of 40 kilometers driven in the last three months. Consequent conversions of points to in-app $NATIX require a minimum of 50,000 points per conversion.

Update (February 20): Starting from February 23th 9:00 AM (GMT) until February 29th 23:30 (GMT) Cycle 0 will be available for users in East Asia I region. To participate, you need a minimum of 30,000 points and at least a total of 40 kilometers driven in the last three months. Consequent conversions of points to in-app $NATIX require a minimum of 30,000 points per conversion as well.

Points to $NATIX Conversion in Drive& App

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert your points:

  • Login to your NATIX account
  • Ensure that you meet the minimum criteria (50K points & 40km)
  • Open the side menu by clicking the "Menu" button on the top left
  • Click “Convert”

Understanding in-game currencies

In anticipation of the token launch and new gamification features, a comprehensive overhaul of the in-app currency system was needed. The existing Drive& points are set to evolve into in-app $NATIX and GEMs, while Cycle Points will track your progress and determine your leaderboard position during each Cycle. These changes mark a significant shift in the in-app economy system.

Cycle Points

The heartbeat of the gamification system, Cycle Points, are earned through in-app activities such as completing missions, driving with active detection mode, distance traveled, and events detected. Cycle Points determine your standing on the regional leaderboards. Cycle Points reset at the end of each Cycle, and in-app $NATIX and GEM rewards are distributed based on your regional leaderboard rank.

In-app $NATIX

In-app $NATIX stands as the premium currency in Drive&. It's the reward for those who stand out in Cycles and contribute the most toward collecting geospatial data. Beyond its immediate value in the app, in-app $NATIX holds a promise for the future – following a cooldown period, they can be converted into NATIX tokens in the subsequent phases of the token launch. Users can request immediate conversion by accepting an instant transfer fee. This exciting feature brings a tangible, real-world value to your in-app achievements. Additionally, in-app $NATIX serves as a key to unlocking high-value items in the Marketplace that you have not seen before!


GEMs are the versatile in-app currency, earned through a variety of activities within the app, and based on your leaderboard position, you'll discover GEMs. These can be utilized in the Marketplace, offering access to various items like vouchers, raffle tickets, and other unique rewards. GEMs are designed to enhance the overall enjoyment and utility of the Drive& experience.

Referral “Inception” Program

Contributing to the NATIX Network extends beyond just driving. After some teasers, we're now excited to reveal our revamped referral program, presenting an incredible opportunity for everyone to earn in-app $NATIX. This program is ideally suited for everyone, from influencers with a large audience to well-connected individuals.

3 Layer referral program

Forget the single-time payouts – now you will be able to passively earn bonus in-app currencies based on your friend’s earnings. There are three layers to the referral program, which is what we call “Driver Circles.”

For every new user you directly refer to Drive&, you will receive up to 10% payout for every single earning they make.* For example, if they earn 100 in-app $NATIX during a Cycle, you will receive up to 10 extra in-app $NATIX. Users that you directly invite belong to your 1st Driver Circle.

If your referred user invites someone else to Drive&, they automatically belong to your 2nd Driver Circle. For every earning your 2nd Driver Circle user makes, you receive up to 5% of that.* Finally, if a driver from your 2nd Driver Circle refers someone else to Drive&, they will be added to your 3rd Driver Circle, from which you will passively earn up to 3% of their in-app earnings.*

While the new referral system is available for all app users, the in-app currency they will receive for referrals depends on both you and your friend’s region. What this means is that so long as one of you is in a zone where in-app $NATIX earnings are active, you will receive in-app $NATIX – otherwise, you will earn points.

Drive& referral Program update

The redesigned referral program offers a fresh and rewarding experience for each member of our community. With a variety of reward tiers, the system allows for significant benefits to be gained, even from a small number of impactful referrals.


The upcoming Phase 1 launch marks a pivotal chapter in the journey of NATIX Network and our community, and driving us towards the much-anticipated NATIX token launch. We're infusing real-world value into the app, transforming virtual achievements into tangible rewards with in-app $NATIX. The addition of monthly Cycles injects a thrilling competitive spirit, encouraging deeper engagement, and our redesigned regional leaderboards are set to foster a more inclusive and fair environment. We're on the brink of something truly exciting, and we're thrilled to share this period of innovation and growth with every member of our community.

As we countdown to February 1st, the anticipation is as big as ever before. This update will redefine what it means to be a part of NATIX Network. For those not yet on board, now is the perfect time to join. Download the app, familiarize yourself with its features, and prepare to be a step ahead in the race for in-app $NATIX. The journey ahead is thrilling, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. Stay tuned, stay active, and get ready to drive, earn, and excel in the new era of NATIX Drive&!

*The numbers indicated are preliminary and subject to change at NATIX’s discretion

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