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New Drive& Update and NATIX Network Changes

New Drive& Update and NATIX Network Changes

Drive& app 3 major updates

NATIX Network is gearing up towards the NATIX token launch with some exciting changes coming. We can’t thank our community enough for their ongoing support, input, and suggestions. We’re hard at work developing new features and changes, so let’s get to it.


  • Wallet Connect feature is now live on Drive&
  • NATIX token supply increase to 100 Billion
  • All in-app $NATIX earned will be multiplied by 1000
  • Unified points earned for event detections & KMs driven across all regions
  • Drive& region activation tracker is available in the App.

Wallet Connect

In preparation for the upcoming NATIX token launch, we are introducing the Wallet Connect feature to the Drive& app. We currently support Metamask, Rainbow Wallet, and Trust Wallet, but we will soon incorporate more. Users can also manually connect their Polkadot, Solana, and Ethereum wallets.

NATIX Crypto Wallet Connection

How to Wallet Connect:

  1. Click “Connect Wallet” on the widget on the home screen, or through the side menu > User Profile > Connect your wallet
  2. Choose “Wallet Connect”
  3. Depending on your phone: 
    • Android: Select Metamask, Rainbow Wallet, or Trust Wallet if you have them installed, otherwise create a new Metamask, Rainbow Wallet, or Trust Wallet or use the "Manually enter your wallet address" option.
    • iOS: iOS automatically selects the wallet. If it isn't Metamask, Rainbow Wallet, or Trust Wallet, please use the "Manually enter your wallet address" option.
  4. Review the details shown and click “Confirm” to approve the connection.

How to manually enter your wallet address:

  1. Click “Connect Wallet” on the widget on the home screen, or through the side menu > User Profile > Connect your wallet
  2. Choose “Manually enter your address”
  3. Copy your public wallet address from your Polkadot, Solana, or Ethereum wallet and paste it into the popup
  4. Click “Connect”

How to get a wallet:

Don't have a wallet yet? We've got you covered with our comprehensive guide on creating your own. Follow these simple steps to set up your wallet using the OKX app, available for both Android and iOS users:

  1. Download the OKX App from your device's app store
  2. Navigate to the "Wallet" tab within the app and select "Create Wallet"
  3. Secure your wallet by selecting either Cloud Backup or Manual Backup:some text
    1. Cloud Backup: Create a strong password, and confirm your password by re-entering it
    2. Manual Backup: Reveal your seed phrase, store your seed phrase in a secure location, and then confirm the seed phrase by correctly identifying the requested word from your seed phrase. This step verifies your ability to access and recover your wallet

Congratulations! You have now a secured crypto wallet. To check your wallet addresses, click on the "copy and paste" icon at the right of your wallet name and select your network: NATIX connect wallet is compatible with Ethereum, Polkadot, and Solana.

To connect your OKX Wallet to Drive&, follow the “Manually enter your wallet address” option. You can disconnect or switch wallets at any time by clicking on the “Disconnect” button. Your wallet remains under your exclusive control, NATIX Network does not have access to your funds.

Token Supply Increase

As we are fast approaching the NATIX token launch we have decided to increase the token supply by a factor of 1000, from 100 million to 100 billion. We wanted to better represent your contribution to the network and believe increasing the token supply will have a positive impact in that sense.

With the increase of token supply, you will potentially be rewarded by 1000x times the amount of tokens earned until now. To compensate users already holding in-app $NATIX, we will multiply all in-app $NATIX by a factor of 1000 throughout March 2024.

NATIX Token Supply increased to 100B

Global Earning

Up until now, to represent data value across regions, points earned differed according to the users’ location. Starting April, all users will now earn the same points across all regions. Users will now earn the same amount of points per km driven and per event detected, regardless of their location.

To address regional disparities in data value, the reward bucket differs between regional leaderboards, and specific conversion rates for regions awaiting activation will differ. We believe that will better represent the disparity in the value of data across regions.

We will also adjust points earned through missions, sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, and lootbox rewards to maintain a proportional balance.

Region Activation Tracker

The NATIX Network is constantly growing, and we expect more regions to reach their goal and trigger their Cycle 0 phase before activation. Countries are initially classified as “Rest of the World” until they produce enough data to be grouped into cohesive regions.

Once a region has been defined, it enters a preparatory phase during which we introduce a regional goal tracker for users to track the progress of their region towards activation. The decision to activate a region is based on user growth, so make sure to invite your friends.

When regions hit their activation goal, Cycle 0 is launched for users to convert their points to in-app $NATIX, following which the region becomes activated. Regions can lose their activated status if user activity drops drastically, so stay active to make sure not to fall behind!

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