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NATIX & Silencio: Bringing DePIN Innovation to Your Smartphone

NATIX & Silencio: Bringing DePIN Innovation to Your Smartphone

NATIX and Silencio Partner Up

NATIX Network is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Silencio, a DePIN powerhouse dedicated to combating noise pollution. This partnership marks a collaboration between two of the fastest-growing DePINs, for both communities to promote a common goal.

This collaboration signifies a united stance on scalability through smartphone networks and aims to bring Web3 innovation right to your trusted device, seamlessly and frictionless.

Silencio: Tackling Global Noise Pollution

Silencio is a blockchain-powered network dedicated to combating noise pollution, a critical issue that costs the global economy over 5 trillion USD annually and ranks as one of the most detrimental environmental exposures to public health according to the World Health Organization. Silencio’s innovative platform incentivizes users to contribute noise-level data via their smartphones.

Silencio aspires to create the world's most comprehensive noise data repository, empowering data-driven decision-making for real estate evaluations, venue selections, and community enhancements on a global scale. What makes Silencio unique is that when data gets sold, the entire network profits from data sales, ensuring that everyone benefits from the valuable data generated by our community. As of March 2024, Silencio boasts over 170k active members spanning 180 countries.

The Mobile-First Partnership

With the DePIN narrative leading Web3 innovation, projects have been springing across the globe to offer solutions and alternatives to centralized entities. Whether by elevating your driving experience or advocating for silence, the NATIX and Silencio collaboration propels technology forward, through your smartphone.

NATIX and Silencio are both mobile-based networks, where scalability potential is limitless, promoting a DePIN without friction strategy, making this partnership a match made in heaven. While hardware-based solutions are often bottlenecked by supply chain and logistic challenges, NATIX and Silencio are a few clicks away.

NATIX users can use the code “NATIXnetwork” for a 250 “Noise Coins” reward when registering in the Silencio app, and the coins will be visible a couple of days later. The NATIX and Silencio collaboration will include future integrations and additions within the networks.

Final thoughts

The partnership of NATIX and Silencio brings Web3 innovation to your pocket, seamlessly bringing DePIN to everyone. As the collaboration expands, we stand a chance to empower communities with a decentralized alternative to the rigid centralized systems.

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