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Progress Update: NATIX Network January 2024

Progress Update: NATIX Network January 2024

NATIX Drive& January 2024 Progress Update

Happy 2024 NATIXIANs! We have so much in store this year, but let’s quickly recap our January highlights. We kickstarted the year with Phase 0 of the NATIX token launch, and we experienced the biggest community growth and engagement to date. Moreover, we had a fantastic AMA on our Twitter where users interacted with our co-founders.

January was only a taste of what’s coming in the following months, as we’ve still got more phases to go through with the token launch. We have been preparing some more exciting announcements to keep the momentum in February. Stay tuned for updates as you would not want to miss all that’s to come!

First, let's take a snapshot of the community to see why the NATIX Network is considered one of the fastest-growing DePINs.

Unpacking the numbers

Drive& Growth in Numbers

The NATIX community continues to grow exponentially, with nearly 10K new Drive& users joining just this month, reaching over 50K registered users. We’ve also more than doubled our daily active users compared to last month with the new changes made to the Drive& app. We expect the following months to be no different as we closely monitor growth to ensure our users continue to enjoy the app.

In January, we had several record-breaking days in terms of daily activity. However, with Phase 0 of the NATIX token launch ending on February 1st, January 31st eclipsed the rest. On the last day of January, we had a record of over 18K KMs driven and close to 24K events detected!

We might soon reach some exciting milestones with January ending with close to 7 million KMs driven by the community and over a total of 85 million events detected.

Cycle 0

January was an exciting month for us, as we officially embarked on the journey to the much-awaited NATIX token launch. At the beginning of January, we announced the three phases that will lead to the token launch, and as part of the process, we started with Cycle 0.

In Cycle 0 we opened a window for Drive& users to manually convert their points for in-app $NATIX ahead of the beginning of Phase 1 where we perform an overhaul to the Drive& features. Toward the end of the month, users converted their points, got their share of in-app $NATIX, and were ready to top their regional leaderboards.

Drive& app New features
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X Spaces with NATIX Co-Founders

Right before the end of January, co-founders CEO Alireza Ghods, CPO Lorenz Muck, and CTO Omid Mogharian got on X Spaces for an AMA session answering questions asked by the NATIX community.

NATIX co-founder AMA
Listen to the full recording

Throughout the AMA the team clarified the strategic process behind the conversion on Cycle 0 and shed some light on the new Drive& features such as monthly cycles, regional leaderboards, upgraded referral system, and new in-app currencies.

Additionally, the team revealed some of what the future holds for NATIX, with additions to the Drive& app, such as advanced gamification, in-app navigation, and more. Naturally, the team discussed the $NATIX token launch as well as the updated tokenomics.

What’s next?

February is already here, and with it comes the beginning of Phase 1 of the highly-anticipated NATIX token. Other than the introduction of monthly Cycles, regional leaderboards, new currencies like in-app $NATIX and GEMs, and the new and improved referral system, there’s still a lot in store.

Right before the end of January, we announced that all conversions of points to in-app $NATIX made during Cycle 0 would be doubled by the end of the conversion window, and that’s exactly what we did. We also announced we have been working on a new airdrop system which will be introduced this month, and that’s only the beginning.

February will be a month to remember, as we grow together as a community. We only just started Phase 1 and have exciting plans in store for our drivers. February will no doubt be a month filled with new highlights, and brand new experiences. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! 

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