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The Road to NATIX Token Launch Begins: New Reward System Going Live

The Road to NATIX Token Launch Begins: New Reward System Going Live

NATIX Network Token launch Announcement

NATIXIANs, we are thrilled to announce and eagerly anticipate the first phase of our upcoming token launch. All of our combined efforts have been taking NATIX Network a step closer to the debut of the NATIX token. We have been diligently working behind the scenes to prepare for our transition into a Web3-focused product, complete with tokenization, blockchain, and boosted earning opportunities.

Over the past months, we have been focusing on a newly designed reward system tied to a gamified user experience. This initiative has culminated in the creation of a sustainable and robust tokenomics and network model. With over 40k registered drivers, 50 million events detected, and 4 million kilometers of roads covered in only 9 months, NATIX Network is one of the fastest-growing DePIN networks globally. We are now ready to take NATIX to the next level by introducing the long-anticipated crypto rewards for our users.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about the upcoming Phase 1 launch which enables the users to earn $NATIX in the app (i.e. “in-app $NATIX”) starting February 1st. From understanding its impact ahead of the token launch to an introduction of our revised gamification features, and finally, a glimpse of our updated referral program which will enable you to create hands-free earning opportunities.

Are you thrilled about the next big step for NATIX? Join us as we seek to revolutionize the DePIN industry with a state-of-the-art crypto reward system.

What’s coming?

The NATIX token launch consists of three phases, and Phase 1 signifies a pivotal shift for the Drive& app, introducing an updated reward system that not only brings exciting crypto earning opportunities but also takes us a step closer to the token launch, planned for a few months after this release. This phase, coming February 1st, introduces exciting gamification elements into the user experience, including the roll-out of regional leaderboards, where users engage in monthly competitions to win rewards in their respective regions.

NATIX Token Launch 3 Phases

Another key element is the introduction of new currencies such as GEMs, and most notably in-app $NATIX. Users will have the opportunity to convert their existing Drive& point balance to in-app $NATIX right before the launch.

Phase 2, scheduled a few months following Phase 1, will be marked by the public launch of our token. This phase's key features include the token generation event and the public sale, granting permissionless access to the $NATIX token for everyone. The in-app $NATIX balance can then be converted to on-chain $NATIX and transferred to the user’s wallet. Finally, Phase 3 will be characterized by the complete implementation of the token utility, fully activating the NATIX Network's tokenomics and various DeFi mechanisms such as staking.

Phase 1 is set for release on February 1st. Ahead of this launch, we will provide a comprehensive guide to our gamification strategy and referral program.

How Phase 1 Overhauls the Reward System

The long-awaited NATIX-native token integration is near, and this phase introduces the opportunity to earn NATIX tokens ahead of the public sale and TGE in the upcoming months. With missions, leaderboards, and other secret work-in-progress features, the concept of drive, earn and map has never been more fun.

The most significant update in Drive& is the introduction of Cycles. A Cycle is a monthly period where users compete on regional leaderboards, which will be ranked based on performance. Throughout the month users earn GEMs, and at the end of each Cycle, users get rewarded with in-app $NATIX. These currencies will also be the ones used in the marketplace for vouchers, raffle tickets, physical products and more.

Leaderboards will be region-based to promote fairness and encourage participation, as data availability varies by region. Cycle rewards will differ based on several factors such as data's market value. Initially, not all regions will be included, meaning not everyone will be able to partake in Cycles at the start. As we continue our efforts to scale our DePIN network, we will be introducing new regions for users to participate in. If your region isn't available yet, don't worry - we are tracking our network growth and will activate new regions as we go. Your earned points are safe with us, and will be directly converted once your region is available to partake in Cycles.

Cycle 0: How Existing Points Convert to in-app $NATIX

Starting January 27th until February 1st, existing users can join Cycle 0 to convert their points into in-app $NATIX at a set rate. In addition, users who exchange their points will also earn GEMs that they will be able to use in the marketplace. Users will need to manually convert their points in Drive& throughout this 5-day timeframe, before the Phase 1 launch or they risk losing their earned points

NATIX Points to Token Conversion

There are only two requirements to convert your earned points to in-app $NATIX: you need to have a minimum amount of 50,000 points, and you need to have driven at least 40 kilometers in the last 3 months before Cycle 0.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Drive&, this is your chance to put in the work in order to qualify for Cycle 0. More information on Cycle 0 and additional gamification features will come later in January 2024.

Sneak Peek: Updated Referral Program

Driving isn't the only way to contribute to NATIX Network. The current referral program is thriving, and in the past months has been more active than ever before. In response, we're working on upgrading it to provide even greater benefits and rewards for all users.

Our updated referral program is a great opportunity to earn $NATIX for everyone. Whether you're an influencer with a significant following or a well-connected individual, this program is just right for you.

There are two major changes that differentiate the new referral program. Single-time payouts are replaced with percentage based earnings, and driver circles are introduced, allowing you to receive rewards for both direct and indirect referrals.

Drive& Updated Referral Program

This updated referral program is an exciting opportunity for every community member. With multiple layers of bonuses, you can reap significant passive rewards from just a few successful referrals. Look out for more details on Driver Circles and our updated referral program in January.

With the most significant events on the horizon, we are focused on delivering the best possible experience for our community. Thank you, NATIXIANs, for your unconditional support. We are thrilled to close out a fruitful 2023 and enter an exciting new year with the biggest NATIX launches to date!

Have an edge against the competition! Download the NATIX Drive& app now and start mapping the real world in real-time. Your feedback is crucial - share your thoughts and experiences to help us improve.

Need assistance or want to give feedback? We're here for you, feel free to contact our team on Telegram and Discord. And remember, drive SAFU!

Disclaimer: Please note that all information, numbers, and other details mentioned are subject to change at NATIX's discretion. We reserve the right to modify, adjust, or update any content as needed to reflect changes in our policies, market conditions, or other relevant factors. Users are encouraged to stay informed about any updates or changes that may occur.

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