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Progress Update: NATIX Network in April '23

Progress Update: NATIX Network in April '23

Welcome back, NATIXIANs, to the April edition of our Progress Update. As we acknowledge the one-month milestone of our Drive& app launch, we want to assure you that our dedicated team has been persistently building the NATIX Network, with a clear focus on becoming the leader in DePIN & move to earn industries.

The previous month has been defined by substantial progress, including a strategic partnership with XYO, Drive& users' commendable achievements, and a significant seed round investment of $3.5M, contributed by a collective of reputable venture capitalists and industry leaders. Let's now review the milestones from the last month in greater detail.

Fundraising Round

NATIX Network has recently secured a $3.5 million seed round from a group of leading VCs and Blockchain players, including Blockchange Ventures, CVVC, Mulana Capital, Blockarm Capital, XYO, and NectoLabs. These new investors join established venture capitals such as Techstars, Plug and Play Ventures, and CoinIX Capital. As a pioneer in the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) industry, NATIX Network is on a mission to revolutionize dynamic mapping with its Internet of Cameras. We are grateful for the unwavering trust and support from our investors and community, and we are excited about the new opportunities this investment will bring us.

NATIX Network Closed $2.5 Million Seed Round
Find more information regarding our most recent fundraise here

With this freshly raised capital, we are eager to continue our work and bring about a paradigm shift in mapping through our crowdsourced and tokenized Internet of Cameras. We have several new features in the works to expand our Drive& mobile app and are developing innovative new products set to launch throughout the year. Additionally, we will be collaborating with Web3 partners to foster a more extensive and cohesive movement around the Web3 geospatial data market. We can't wait to see where this new chapter takes us and are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the DePIN industry.

Drive& Goes to the Moon

In less than one month, users of the NATIX move to earn app Drive& have collectively covered enough distance to reach the moon! It’s an exciting occasion that showcases the power of decentralized physical infrastructure and crowdsourced network participation.

The second next closest celestial object to Earth is Venus. At their nearest, they are only 43.13 million kilometers apart. As NATIX Network continues to scale, we hope to reach this next celestial milestone sooner than later. Contribute towards our goal by participating in the NATIX Referral Program.

Move To Earn - Driven KMs reach moon
Fun fact: when averaged over time, Mercury is actually the closest planet to Earth, who knew?

Notably, this month the Drive& app by NATIX celebrated its one-month anniversary. In just a month's time, the NATIX Network community has cumulatively detected over 6,500,000 events and has driven more than 420,000 kilometers. We are extremely thankful to the NATIX Network community for the overwhelming support we have received through the launch period. We stay committed to our mission to provide the best user experience possible as we aim to build the most powerful DePIN network in the world.

As we closed out the Drive& launch period, our co-founders Alireza Ghods and Lorenz Muck found the time to discuss all things NATIX and Drive& related in an AMA format on Twitter Spaces. Find the post-launch AMA here.

decentralized physical infrastructure network in numbers
The power of a decentralized physical infrastructure network

We hear our community loud and clear as they are eager to install Drive& on their iOS devices. Keep an eye out for some early announcements and sneak peeks on the official NATIX Network Twitter page soon. 

Our product team is currently in the process of defining and developing the next driver assistance features you will be able to find in Drive&. With many options to choose from - the product team is currently focusing on integrating real-time navigation and parking spot availability into the Drive& app. Leave your feedback as to what you would like to see next in the suggestions section of our NATIX Discord community.

Referral Raffle

As April has gone to a close, so has the first round of the NATIX Grand Referral Raffle. We are pleased to see the referral program reaching high levels of success and in turn, excited to return the favor in prizes to our community members.

For the month of May, we are once again offering a grand prize pool of more than $2,000, including the industry-leading smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, two VIVO Y21 smartphones, a pair of Wireless Earbuds Jabra Elite 3, and more than 25 Amazon gift cards. These prizes will be awarded to the most successful referrers who help us grow the Drive& community. Our goal is to spread the word about our app and build a strong community of like-minded individuals who share the passion to drive to earn.

The raffle event will take place starting May 5th at 00:00 CET until June 4th at 23:59 CET. Find more details about the NATIX Grand Referral Raffle below.

NATIX Grand Referral Raffle: May Edition
Learn more about the NATIX Grand Referral Raffle: May Edition

NATIX Network & XYO

XYO is a technology protocol and network designed to enhance data accuracy, reliability, and value. It’s establishing a comprehensive and well-structured data marketplace for apps, websites, and blockchain technologies requiring trusted information. By doing so, XYO solutions empower a more efficient and user-friendly Web3 experience for developers, businesses, and individuals alike.

NATIX Network and XYO DePIN Partnership
Learn more about the synergy of NATIX Network and XYO

The relationship between XYO and NATIX Network revolves around several key factors, which together have the potential to transform the future of Web3 maps and geospatial data. As this rapidly-evolving field attracts more players, both companies will collaborate to integrate Web2 and Web3 projects into the ecosystem, creating a more comprehensive and dynamic platform.

NATIX will leverage XYO's Proof of Origin and Bound Witness technology to ensure a trustless and decentralized proof of location oracle. With NATIX focusing on data extraction from the smartphone cameras through the Drive& app and XYO's COIN app primarily targeting location-based data, users can be incentivized to participate in both platforms and reap rewards in doing so.


You can reach our community managers and executive team anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to connect with other members of the NATIX community, our team is here to help. Thank you for being part of the NATIX community and see you in the next month’s update! To get familiar with earlier updates, see our March '23 Progress Update article, or visit our NATIX Network Blog to read AI; Web3; Crypto; DePIN and Drive& app News.

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