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Progress Update: NATIX Network in March '23

Progress Update: NATIX Network in March '23

NATIX Network - AI Powered Drive& Earn App - March '23 Update

Greetings NATIXIANs! The NATIX Network team is thrilled about the successful launch of the Drive& app on Google Play last week. With over 2100 registered users and 14,000 km mapped in less than 24 hours, the launch was a huge success and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the NATIX team.

But the team isn't resting on their laurels. The next step is bringing the Drive& app to iOS users and announcing a roadmap that will cover key milestones in business, technology, and token related initiatives.

So, what have we been up to this past month? Let's take a closer look.

Highlights of the month:

  • The Drive& app went live for Android, exceeding expectations with over 2100 registered users and 14,000 km mapped in just 24 hours.
  • All 60K email subscribers from the Drive& waitlist received their special genesis codes to access the app.
  • The Beta Testing Phase 2 is finished, and both testing phases were a resounding success, with 30 testers providing valuable feedback and spending a total of 10,000 hours in the app. The results were impressive, with over 14,595 km driven and 318k events detected across 18+ countries.


Drive& app is now live on Google Play

The wait is finally over - the NATIX Drive& app is now available for download on the Google Store. If you're a waitlist member, you've already received a special genesis code, but others can get an invitation code by being referred by current Drive& app users in the Telegram and Discord communities.

Getting started with the Drive& app is easy. Simply click the "Start Earning" button on the homepage to enter detection mode. For maximum AI detection capabilities, set up your phone on the dashboard horizontally with the back camera facing the road. You'll earn points for every detected event and kilometer you drive in detection mode, and the rewards system is fair and based on several factors such as the time of day, location, and recency of the event. NATIX in-app points can be exchanged for a variety of goods and services, and the NTXT tokens are set to arrive later this year.

NATIX Drive& App Play Store
Download the NATIX Drive& app on Google Store

This launch is the culmination of a long and challenging journey, and we're thrilled to share it with our community, who have been eagerly waiting for this moment. The AI-powered Drive& app is a major milestone for the NATIX Network team and we're confident that it will have a positive impact on the driving and mapping industries.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Drive& app today and start mapping the world!

Beta Testing Phases 1 & 2 Finished

Both Beta Testing Phases for the Drive& app are now closed. With 30 testers from 18+ countries providing valuable feedback and spending a total of 10,000 hours in the app, the results were truly impressive, with over 14,595 km driven and 318k events detected.

The insights gathered from these testing phases have been invaluable in helping us to identify areas for improvement and make significant enhancements to the Drive& app. The worldwide participation in the beta tests has ensured that the app is truly global in scope and able to meet the needs of users from all corners of the world.

NATIX Drive& App Beta Testing

Going forward, we will continue to listen closely to community feedback and make any necessary improvements to the Drive& app. Our goal is to make mapping the world a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone, and we believe that the Drive& app will play a key role in onboarding the first billion users to the DePIN.

Marketing & Community

Drive& Referral Program & Grand Prize Raffle

Last week, the NATIX Network team announced the Drive& referral program to expand our community and make the app launch even more memorable.

NATIX Drive& Referral Program
Learn more about the NATIX Drive& Referral Program

As a waitlist member of the Drive& app, you've received a unique referral link that you can share with your friends and family. For every successful referral, you'll earn a generous 15,000 in-app points. While the referral limit to earn points is set at a maximum of 8 per month, there's still an opportunity to win big. Drivers who bring in more than 8 successful referrals per month will be entered into our Grand Referral Raffle, where they'll be eligible to win fantastic prizes from our prize pool, including the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, VIVO Y21, Amazon gift cards, and more.

Here’s a full blog explaining all the details behind the Drive& app referral program.

You can reach our community managers and executive team anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to connect with other members of the NATIX community, our team is here to help. Thank you for being part of the NATIX community and see you in the next month’s update!

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