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XYO & NATIX Network: Teaming Up for DePIN's Future

XYO & NATIX Network: Teaming Up for DePIN's Future

Web3 builders unite to shape the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) driven geospatial data economy

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NATIX Network is taking a bold step into the future by partnering with XYO, a pioneer in decentralized geospatial data since 2018, to create a DePIN-driven geospatial data economy. This collaboration follows XYO's recent investment in NATIX's successful $3.5 million funding round. With over 5 million nodes in their global network, XYO's Proof of Origin and Bound Witness technologies have become essential components for DePIN projects utilizing geospatial data. NATIX is joining the XYO ecosystem via the XYO Ecosystem Fund, with plans to leverage XYO's technology stack for the development of better and continually updated mapping solutions.

XYO: a leader in DePIN

XYO is a technology protocol and network designed to enhance data accuracy, reliability, and value. It’s establishing a comprehensive and well-structured data marketplace for apps, websites, and blockchain technologies requiring trusted information. By doing so, XYO solutions empower a more efficient and user-friendly Web3 experience for developers, businesses, and individuals alike.

XYO Technology Protocol

Leveraging a unique combination of blockchain, smart contracts, and advanced geospatial technology, XYO is revolutionizing the way data is collected, validated, and shared. The network's decentralized architecture ensures security and privacy, fostering a thriving ecosystem that encourages innovation and collaboration.

XYO technologies and services also promote self-sovereignty by expanding data ownership opportunities. The XYO team firmly believes these principles should be at the core of all crypto projects and initiatives to foster a more equitable and transparent digital landscape. By deploying innovative tools and resources, XYO is not only paving the way for better data management but also shaping the future of the DePIN industry and Web3 space as a whole.

The synergy fueling the alliance

The relationship between XYO and NATIX Network revolves around several key factors, which together have the potential to transform the future of Web3 maps and geospatial data. As this rapidly-evolving field attracts more players, both companies will collaborate to integrate Web2 and Web3 projects into the ecosystem, creating a more comprehensive and dynamic platform.

NATIX will leverage XYO's Proof of Origin and Bound Witness technology to ensure a trustless and decentralized proof of location oracle. This partnership also brings the opportunity for cross-invitation of users across both platforms. With NATIX focusing on data extraction from the smartphone cameras through the Drive& app and XYO's COIN app primarily targeting location-based data, users can be incentivized to participate in both platforms, reaping rewards that benefit not only themselves but both organizations as well. It is also possible to run Drive& and COIN apps simultaneously on some mobile devices and we will be continually working together to improve this experience.

Coin and Drive App DePIN

“We’re proud to be ushering NATIX into the XYO ecosystem through not only the XYO Ecosystem Fund but also through a partnership we believe will prove to be both optimal and long-lasting. XYO and NATIX will enable new and greater successes for one another.” - Markus Levin, Co-Founder of XYO & Head of Operations for XY Labs

Lastly, XYO and NATIX aim to pioneer the DePIN revolution, joining forces to build a robust, incentivized, flexible, and highly mobile decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) ecosystem. Together, these elements create a powerful synergy that promises to drive innovation and revolutionize the world of geospatial data and Web3 mapping.

Final thoughts

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with XYO and their Ecosystem Fund, which paves the way for us to harness XYO's cutting-edge technology in developing a dependable DePIN project. This collaboration fosters a mutually advantageous relationship for both communities, as users can reap rewards while contributing to the Drive& and COIN apps simultaneously. This alliance is poised to significantly contribute to the evolution of the mobile-first DePIN industry, and we eagerly anticipate the myriad opportunities it will unveil.

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