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Progress Update: NATIX Network February 2024

Progress Update: NATIX Network February 2024

February '24 recap for NATIX DePIN app

Hey NATIXIANs, February is behind us and we’re buzzing with excitement about what’s to come, but first, let’s unwrap our activity this past month. Our community keeps growing exponentially, and with the token launch on the horizon, we just can’t wait.

February we had our first regional leaderboard for activated regions, and a new region going through Cycle 0, with the East Asia I region joining the list of activated regions. We launched the Network Laps at the end of the month and hit some impressive milestones.

March brings us a step closer to the NATIX token launch, and we have some exciting updates ahead, let’s get to it.

Unpacking the numbers

Visualization of User Count and KM driven for the NATIX App

February marked another huge leap in the NATIX community growth, with over 60K registered Drive& app users. We ended February with over 13 million kilometers covered by our users, taking us to over a tenth of the way to the first Network Lap!

We also hit another unique milestone this month – there is now at least 1 registered Drive& user in 200 countries and independent territories worldwide. We’re definitely global now! 

As the community keeps growing, we’re on our way to making NATIX one of the leading DePINs in the world. In March we’ll uncover some new and exciting partnerships that are sure to affect community growth, so stay tuned.

Activated Regions

East Asia become an Active Region for the NATIX App

We ended January with the completion of Cycle 0 point conversion for the North America and Europe I regions, and February was the first month where those regions had a taste of our new gamification features with regional leaderboards and in-app $NATIX earnings.

While we’re still tweaking the system, February included another region going into Cycle 0, East Asia I. The last week of February our East Asian users converted their points and will begin March with a fresh beginning and their very own regional leaderboard monthly competition. 

Will any more regions be going through Cycle 0 in March? Be sure to follow our updates as we’ll soon include a tracker for inactive regions to track their progress.

Network Laps

Network Laps - NATIX App Airdrop Program

Right before the end of the month, we launched the "Network Laps" – our brand new airdrop system to reward its community for collective accomplishments. The Network Laps is built to reward our most dedicated Drive& users, but our community is more than just the drivers behind the wheel. For that reason, we included our Galxe community for everyone to have a chance.

Users can be eligible for rewards by staying consistently active on Drive&, Galxe, or both! With the Laps we launched the Driver Cards and Galxe Cards for users to track their KMs or XP accumulation towards the reward when the Network Lap is reached. In case you haven’t had a chance to familiarize yourself with the Network Laps airdrop program, follow the link to check the full article. Down below you can see the live progress bar for the next Airdrop.

Next Airdrop at 100M Km Driven
🏁100M km

What’s next?

We have some exciting changes coming your way in March. East Asia I will have its first regional leaderboard, while non-activated regions will soon be able to see how close they are to activation. Furthermore, we have a few app updates in preparation for the upcoming NATIX token launch, so stay tuned for further updates.

March also gives us an opportunity to explore some important collaborations further, grow the community even more, and reach some impressive milestones. Your contribution is our fuel, so let’s get to work!

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