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NATIX Drive& DePIN Marketplace - A Depot for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks

NATIX Drive& DePIN Marketplace - A Depot for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks

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In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, one concept stands out for its potential to revolutionize infrastructure development and management: Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN).

DePIN represents a paradigm shift in infrastructure networks, leveraging blockchain technology to decentralize coordination and governance. DePIN pushes Web3 to new heights, showcasing the transformative potential of blockchain technology in real-world applications, which is an integral part of making Web3 innovation widespread. However, revolutionary as it might be, DePIN is still far from mass adoption.

At NATIX, we quickly realized that one of the keys to achieving mass adoption lies in offering a blend of crypto and non-crypto rewards. This insight led us to innovate and create a marketplace that caters to a diverse range of users, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrency, can benefit from our offerings.

DePIN for the Masses: With & Without Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology serves as the backbone of DePIN projects, facilitating trustless coordination and ensuring transparency in infrastructure management. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, DePINs enable secure and efficient data sharing, driving innovation and efficiency in infrastructure development. Cryptocurrencies, built on blockchain technology, are the ultimate incentive for network participants, rewarding users for contributing to the network. But in the current landscape of DePIN, non-crypto users are left out.

World Represented as DePIN Nodes

DePIN community members play a vital part in the widespread success of DePIN innovation, and the bigger the community the better – both for the project and its users. At NATIX, as a smartphone DePIN, users do not have to invest a dime to take part in contributing to the network. Drive& is available as a free DePIN app, so the return on investment (ROI) is already there for any member who downloads and uses the app. No onboarding fees, and no hardware to buy, it’s as simple as downloading a smartphone app.

As a DePIN committed to enhancing the driving experience, we know that not all drivers are crypto-native. NATIX Network’s vibrant and active user base inspired us to include non-crypto rewards, but it also pushed us to think beyond individual benefits and consider how we could leverage this collective power to support other DePIN projects. By tapping into our community's enthusiasm and commitment, we can create a synergistic ecosystem where both our users and partnering DePIN projects thrive.

As the NATIX DePIN community expanded, the Drive& Marketplace proved to be a valuable tool for users to find deals for products that complement the Drive& app, but also an opportunity to offer other DePIN products and bring Web3 innovation to other parts of our daily lives.

We began by creating an exclusive section in our marketplace dedicated to DePIN products. This new DePIN section allows our users to access a curated selection of innovative products and services from leading DePIN projects, fostering a supportive and interconnected network. By offering these products, we aim to enhance the overall value and utility of our marketplace, providing our community with unique opportunities to engage with and benefit from the growing DePIN landscape.

The Drive& DePIN Marketplace

Drive& offers users a seamless onboarding experience, the ability to earn rewards for sharing geospatial data, and different ways to maximize earnings through various events and missions. However, NATIX takes DePIN a step forward and partners with other DePIN projects to expand the ecosystem and bring Web3 innovation to the masses, through the Drive& DePIN Marketplace.

The Drive& DePIN Marketplace is where users can learn more about complimentary DePIN projects while reducing preliminary costs through the DePIN Marketplace discounts for those joining aboard. The Drive& Marketplace allows NATIX users to monetize every aspect of their lives – from charging electric vehicles to dining at restaurants, NATIX aims to push DePIN innovation to every part of our daily lives, by supporting the ecosystem at a bigger scale.

NATIX DePIN Marketplace Partners Listed

The Web3 Marketplace for DePIN Products

NATIX aims to create the DePIN Depot – your one-stop shop Web3 Marketplace for DePIN products that align with NATIX’s vision for AI, DePIN, and Web3 innovations. From pinpoint accuracy to car and driver health monitoring projects, these pioneering DePIN products allow users to earn while pushing for decentralization.

Strategic partnerships play a crucial role in expanding the DePIN ecosystem, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation. NATIX leverages partnerships to amplify user rewards and enhance ecosystem growth. By partnering with industry leaders and like-minded organizations, NATIX aims to unlock new opportunities and drive positive change in the DePIN ecosystem.

As the NATIX Network ecosystem expands, more partnerships with leading DePIN projects will be announced, enriching the Drive& Marketplace with generous offers and an opportunity to support leading DePIN projects. Let's dive into a few examples of what we offer in the Drive& DePIN Marketplace and how NATIX users benefit from these offers.

CUDIS Brings the Wellness DePIN Drivers Deserve

CUDIS aims to democratize wellness tracking. Their mission is to provide accessible and rewarding wellness services backed by blockchain encryption, giving health data control to users and allowing them to monetize it through token rewards.

NATIX offers offer CUDIS AI ring discounts on the Drive& marketplace. The CUDIS ring boasts a suite of biometric sensors that monitor and measure biometric data such as heartbeat, sleep, strain, blood pressure, and more, 24/7, making it easy for users to profit from tracking their health.

CUDIS & NATIX Partnership

DIMO Supports Monetization From Your Vehicle Data

Through the DIMO platform, drivers gain valuable insights into the performance and metrics of their vehicles, thus enabling informed decision-making and enhancing the overall ownership experience. Furthermore, this data is instrumental in contributing to an open ecosystem where developers and businesses can harness it to create novel technologies and applications, driving the evolution of the automotive industry.

Through the Drive& Marketplace, users can find exclusive discount codes, offering significant savings on DIMO hardware. The DIMO Macaron and DIMO AutoPi are powerful activity trackers to track your car’s health & GPS location, for users to earn weekly rewards just for driving.

NATIX and DIMO Partnership

GEODNET Pioneers DePIN Innovation with Pinpoint Accuracy

GEODNET is building the world’s largest Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) reference station network, an advanced form of GPS that can instantly achieve up to 200x improvement in GPS accuracy. Using blockchain, GEODNET satellite mining stations reward station hosts for collecting real-time RTK base station data. Through the deployment of geodetic-grade GNSS antennas installed on rooftops worldwide, GEODNET harnesses the collective power of decentralized networks to deliver centimeter-level accuracy in GPS positioning.

NATIX Drive& users can purchase GEODNET Satellite Miners at a discount through the Marketplace. GEODNET Satellite Miners receive signals from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), giving access to enhanced accuracy data to all devices within a range of approx. 20-40 kilometers, rewarding data miners.

NATIX x GEODNET Partnership

Plato Gives Drivers the Ultimate Dining Journey

Plato is on a mission to revolutionize the food economy by creating a unique dataset around dining experiences, backed by proof of purchase at restaurants. This approach enables users to enjoy a personalized restaurant discovery, reservation, and payment experience. At its core, Plato operates as a rewards protocol, empowering users to Eat2Earn at dining establishments worldwide, supporting over 15 million restaurants.

NATIX users will benefit from exclusive discounts on Plato season passes available in the Drive& marketplace, and an additional 1% cashback in addition to all existing cashback options the PLATO passes offer. The Plato BASE Pass, ROCKET Pass, and MOON Pass offer between 30%-50% cashback for dining at in-network restaurants, 10-15% cashback for dining at out-of-network restaurants, and additional rewards.

NATIX x PLATO partnership

PowerPod is Going Green with Charge to Earn

PowerPod is creating a decentralized Internet of Energy by seamlessly integrating electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, solar arrays, and energy storage systems. PowerPod uses the combined storage and movement of all connected units to create a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy system promoting a global shift towards renewable energy and a greener future with each connection.

NATIX Drive& users can purchase PowerPod’s EV charging adaptors at a discount on the Marketplace. With PowerPod Pulse I, drivers can passively earn while charging their EV, optimize charging efficiency, and reduce costs

NATIX x POWERPOD Partnership

Future Outlook and Roadmap

Looking ahead, the future of DePIN holds immense promise, and the NATIX roadmap outlines its vision for the future, partnering with projects shaping the trajectory of infrastructure development. By embracing innovation and collaboration, NATIX and its DePIN partners push together for change on a global scale.

DePIN is all about collaboration and that is why we want this Web3 Marketplace to serve as a guiding light for vetted decentralized Marketplace products and offerings, that users can trust and further monetize their daily lives with.

Our goal is to add value to our users and other projects as we grow together. We will expand the DePIN Marketplace with more other interesting stuff, for the DePIN enthusiasts as well as the non-Web3 savvy users – car products, special insurance, smartwatch deals, and other goods.


DePIN represents a groundbreaking approach to infrastructure development, empowering users to actively participate in shaping the future of our physical environment. The DePIN ecosystem is poised for exponential growth, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

DePIN projects looking to collaborate and have their products listed on the Drive& DePIN Marketplace are always welcome and can reach out through official NATIX channels. Follow @NATIXNetwork on X, or on Discord to stay informed on the expansion of the NATIX ecosystem as it collaborates with other DePIN projects.

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