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Progress Update: NATIX Network June 2024

Progress Update: NATIX Network June 2024

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NATIXIANs, we’re already a week deep into July, but as always, we’re here to summarize our activities, releases, and partnerships achieved throughout June. Our work in June was focused on setting the ground for the $NATIX DePIN Crypto token listing.

With that, we had some important Drive& updates and releases that allowed us to onboard all app users to a universal reward system, and enrich the Drive& DePIN Marketplace through project partnerships that highlight our commitment to supporting other projects in the ecosystem.

Let’s get to it.

Unpacking the numbers

NATIX Drive& app June 2024 Growth

As usual, we wanted to take a second to break down our community’s growth for June. We continue to rise steadily, as we now have over 130K registered drivers who covered over 52M kilometers driven. That marks the crossing of the halfway mark to the Network Laps milestone.

Another fantastic achievement is nearly having 300M map data events detected as we’re on our way to becoming one of the best mapping DePIN projects. This data allows us to give more utility to our drivers by developing more driver-assistant features, which our users will be able to enjoy soon.

GEM regions

Drive& App GEM regions

The introduction of GEM regions was an update we were really excited about. The most important part of this Drive& update was the ability to onboard all of our users to one universal reward system. Now that we no longer have inactive regions, users outside of our focus regions can enjoy the full capabilities of the Drive& app and its gamification features and tap into its competitive aspect. Of course, GEM regions are still required to hit certain objectives to join the $NATIX active zones, but now the difference between the two has gotten smaller.

HODL Clubs & HODL Airdrop

$NATIX Crypto HODL Clubs

This was one of the more anticipated features we’ve added to the app. We introduced the HODL Clubs this month to enhance the Drive& app’s DePIN capabilities and give our users a taste of Web3 functions.

Users can now see which HODL Club they belong to, work their way up the ranks, and enjoy special rewards, including participation in the HODL Airdrop coming soon.

How to Earn $NATIX – Single Source of Truth

Detailed Breakdown of How to earn $NATIX

Even before you could buy $NATIX, we summarized for the benefit of the community the single source of truth on the different ways you can earn $NATIX. We quickly broke down what the token offers, and how in-app NATIX comes into play.

New DePIN Partners

DePIN Marketplace Partners

This month we’ve added two exciting new DePIN products to our Drive& Marketplace, to expand the ecosystem and bring Web3 innovation to the masses. The DePIN Marketplace is a great place for users to learn more about complementary DePIN projects while reducing preliminary costs through the DePIN Marketplace discounts for those joining aboard.


The PowerPod Pulse I was added to the Drive& Marketplace as an option for drivers to passively earn while charging their EV, optimize charging efficiency and reduce costs.


The Earth Rover Zero was added to the Drive& Marketplace, a 4G-enabled sidewalk robot you can control from home or halfway across the globe. As you pilot the Rover around, it captures its surroundings and you earn for the data collected.

As we move forward to July, we’re going to keep working to deliver our users the best, announce some highly anticipated features, and further enrich our foothold within the DePIN ecosystem.

Make sure you follow our Twitter @NATIXNetwork to stay up-to-date with our progress this month.

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