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Introducing GEM regions

Introducing GEM regions

Gem based Regions and Gamification

We have an exciting update coming to the Drive& app, aimed at all those driving around in $NATIX locked regions (aka inactive regions). We are introducing GEM regions to ensure everyone has access to the full potential of the Drive& gamification features, including HODL Score, NITRO, Social Quests, and many new and upcoming features. This change would allow us to onboard everyone to one reward system of in-app NATIX/GEM.

The newly created GEM regions are as follows:

  • SE-Asia I: Indonesia • Philippines • Malaysia • Thailand • Vietnam
  • Middle East I: Israel • Turkey
  • Middle East II: Saudi Arabia • UAE • QATAR
  • India
  • Africa
  • Latin America: Mexico • Caribbean • South America
  • Australia • New Zealand
  • Rest of the World

With the creation of these new regions, GEM regions will now compete in a regional leaderboard system, and users will begin earning GEMs based on their monthly Cycle leaderboard performance. 

Since February 1st, with the introduction of in-app NATIX and GEMs, users from inactive regions started earning points. The points earned from February 1st to June will be saved in our system. The points earned since June 1st will get carried over to the June regional leaderboard, and once the June Cycle ends and rewards have been distributed (as GEMs), points will reset, and starting July 1st users will compete in the monthly Cycles. Read all about the monthly Cycles and regional leaderboards on our dedicated blog.

The condition for transitioning from a GEM region to a $NATIX activated region remains the same as before – based on user growth and monetization plan for the data and region. During the activation process, we will airdrop in-app NATIX to users relative to leaderboard ranking in past Cycles (using the information kept in our system from February 1st until region activation). Then, the region will become $NATIX active and users will start earning in-app NATIX at the end of every monthly Cycle based on leaderboard ranking.

The referral system rewards will reflect the new changes, meaning users will earn GEMs or in-app NATIX based on their invitees' earnings.

Referral Earning Including GEM Regions
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