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Progress Update: NATIX Network in November '23

Progress Update: NATIX Network in November '23

NATIX Network November 2023 Update

Hello NATIXIANs, and welcome to our November progress update! Last month, we took a step into gamification with the introduction of Drive& Missions, transforming every trip into an exciting quest filled with challenges and rewards. We also onboarded a new partner, DIMO, a leading DePIN platform renowned in the automotive world for its large user base and technological developments. This collaboration is poised to bring a new level of interactivity and community engagement to the Drive& community.

Join us as we explore the developments and milestones achieved at NATIX Network throughout November!

Unpacking the numbers

NATIX Drive& Community Growth

Drive& app users

We're pleased to announce that the Drive& app has reached a remarkable milestone with 37,981 registered users to date. This achievement reflects the growing trust in our product and the commitment of the Drive& driver community. We look forward to continuing this upward trajectory together.

Kilometers mapped

Together, the Drive& community has collectively covered an incredible 3,243,813 kilometers. This distance is akin to stacking the length of the Great Wall of China end-to-end over 153 times! This figure is not just a number - it symbolizes the vast array of journeys, from daily commutes to epic road trips, that our community has embarked upon. We are happy to be your number-one driving companion!

In-app events

We've reached an impressive milestone of 39,853,721 in-app events in Drive&, ranging from automobile tracking to detecting potholes. This achievement showcases the effectiveness of the NATIX artificial intelligence technology in capturing diverse and dynamic data.

In fact, on the 23rd of November, we marked a milestone with a record-breaking 352,000 events detected in a single day! Check out the tweet from NATIX Network CEO Alireza Ghods below 👇

These impressive figures highlight the dynamic growth and vibrancy within the Drive& community. Beyond statistics, what truly drives us is your stories, feedback, and shared experiences. Whether you're a new member or a long-time user, every part of your journey is invaluable to us. A big thank you for being an essential part of this exciting adventure.

Drive& Goes Gamified with Missions

Last month, we launched the all-new Drive& Missions, transforming every trip into a quest with exciting challenges. This new feature allows you to increase your earnings significantly by completing missions. Take upon thrilling adventures with Drive& Missions, now live for a better Drive& experience!

Move to Earn App gamification
Read the full Drive& Missions announcement here.

What is a Mission?

Missions are a new feature in the Drive& experience, offering users the opportunity to engage in different tasks, such as driving or community quests. For mission completion, users are generously rewarded Drive& points for their contribution.

Drive& move to earn missions
Drive& Missions allow you to greatly boost your monthly Drive& point earnings

By completing a variety of missions throughout the month, Drive& app users have the opportunity to significantly boost their monthly point earnings. Alongside the usual rewards for distance driven and objects detected, undertaking Drive& Missions will grant users additional point rewards. The missions within Drive& fall into two main categories, explained below.

Driving Missions

Engage with your daily routes in a whole new way by completing driving missions! These could range from driving a minimum amount of kilometers, identifying specific types of objects during your drives, or acquiring streaks by driving for a set number of consecutive days in a row.

Community and Marketplace Missions

Drive& isn’t just about the journey, it’s also about the community and the rewards. With Missions, you can also earn additional points for referring new users to Drive& or for engaging with our Marketplace by redeeming offers.

DIMO: New Partner in the Automotive World

Last month, we announced a strategic partnership with DIMO, a prominent DePIN platform in the automotive world with a substantial user base. This collaboration signifies a step in NATIX's evolution and presents an opportunity for both driver communities to seamlessly integrate.

DIMOand NATIX DePIN partnership
Read the full announcement here.

DIMO and NATIX's collaboration marks a significant stride in offering drivers enhanced access to diverse data and tools, enabling them to fully utilize their vehicles' capabilities. This partnership highlights the growing impact of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) initiatives in driving technological advancements. With a significant user base of each project, this alliance provides immense opportunities for both communities, facilitating seamless integration and mutual benefits.

DIMO and NATIX DePIN Partnership Image
Enhance your driving experience with DIMO & Drive& simultaneously

NATIX Drive& app users can already find exclusive discounts on DIMO hardware, while DIMO users will receive a welcome bonus for joining and participating in the NATIX Drive& network. This partnership, centered on DePIN development and enhancing user experience, marks the beginning of a promising collaboration with potential for deeper integration, including leveraging camera and vehicle data in future projects. It's poised to drive innovation and create new user experiences through technological and community collaboration.

X Spaces

peaq AMA

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with peaq for a brief AMA session featuring Alireza, the CEO of NATIX Network, where he answered several questions from the peaq community.

Check it out 👇

Drive& Missions AMA

Recently, Alireza Ghods, CEO, along with Omid Mogharian, CTO of NATIX Network, hosted an in-depth AMA for the NATIX community, where they discussed the newly announced Drive& Missions. This session provided valuable insights into the functionality, goals, and expected impacts of the Drive& gamification, offering the community a thorough understanding of this exciting new addition.

Listen to the X Spaces recording 👇

You can reach our community managers and executive team anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to connect with other members of the NATIX community, our team is here to help. Thank you for being part of the NATIX community and see you in the next month’s update!

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