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Drive& Goes Gamified: Turbocharge Your Rewards with Missions

Drive& Goes Gamified: Turbocharge Your Rewards with Missions

NATIX Drive& Gamification

Introducing the all-new Missions in NATIX Drive& App! Begin on a journey of gamification where each trip becomes a quest filled with thrilling challenges. Claim and complete missions to significantly increase your earnings. Unleash your adventures, the new Drive& Missions go live today!

What is a Mission?

Missions are a new feature in the Drive& experience, offering users the opportunity to engage in different tasks and earn extra rewards. These missions allow users to earn additional points each month, complementing their usual point earnings from driving activities.

Drive& app Gamification missions

Throughout the month, keep an eye on your home screen and the dedicated Missions tab, this is where Drive& Missions will regularly pop up. Speed is essential, as each mission has an expiration period for completion to qualify for the mission reward. The missions within Drive& fall into two main categories, explained below.

Driving Missions

Engage with your daily routes in a whole new way by completing driving missions! These could range from driving a minimum amount of kilometers, identifying specific types of objects during your drives, or acquiring streaks by driving for a set number of consecutive days in a row.

Community and Marketplace Missions

Drive& isn’t just about the journey, it’s also about the community and the rewards. With Missions, you can also earn additional points for referring new users to Drive& or for engaging with our Marketplace by redeeming offers.

Boost Your Monthly Earnings

By completing a variety of missions throughout the month, Drive& app users have the opportunity to significantly boost their monthly point earnings. Alongside the usual rewards for distance driven and objects detected, undertaking these challenges will also grant users additional point rewards. Embrace the newest feature of Drive& and watch your points soar to new highs!

Drive& app home screen with missions

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. A proactive approach is necessary in order to fully capitalize on the boost in points. The missions vary in difficulty from easy to hard, and each with its own deadline. It's important to complete them within the mission timeframe. Once the clock runs out, the mission and its rewards are gone for good. Are you up for the challenge?

Drive& Missions Challenge and Prize Pool

We're excited to announce a special Drive& Missions Challenge that will run alongside the newest update. It's simple: from November 15 at 2 PM (CET) to November 28 at 11 pm GMT, collect as many points through Missions and see how high you can rank. This fun two-week competition lets you track your progress as only points earned via Missions count towards the raffle!

Drive& Missions Challenge and Prize Pool

Before You Begin

With the addition of Drive& Missions, users will see notable changes to the app. Upon opening the Drive& app, you'll be greeted by a redesigned home screen featuring missions, ensuring they're a constant companion on your drives and always at the top of your mind.

Drive& app gamification mission explainer how it works

Simply tap a mission to access its detail page, which provides information such as the deadline of the mission, if you’ve claimed it, the mission reward, and your current progress. Alternatively, you can access the Missions tab which shows a comprehensive overview of all active missions and other relevant statistics, keeping you in the loop of all things missions related.

Understanding Mission Progress and Claiming

Any action that aligns with a mission's objectives is automatically tracked, whether you've officially claimed the mission or not. Don’t worry if you forgot to claim a mission before making progress!

To earn rewards, you must claim the mission within its active date. You have two options for claiming:

  • Auto-Claiming: Opt-in for the convenience of auto-claiming and automatically receive the reward once you hit 100% progress.
  • Manual Claiming: If you've reached 100% progress without auto-claiming, simply complete your mission by claiming your reward manually.

Remember, rewards only come to those who claim their missions—either before you start or after completion. Don't miss out on your hard-earned points!

Welcome and Adventure Challenges on Zealy

With the introduction of gamification, we're transitioning some of the Welcome and Adventure Challenge quests from Zealy to the Drive& app. Please note that completing and claiming XP for Welcome and Adventure challenges is no longer available. However, you are welcome to complete other NATIX quests on Zealy.

As promised, a Welcome and Adventure Challenge raffle will be held before year-end. Participants who completed at least 1 task will receive 1 raffle ticket, and those who completed the quest will get an additional ticket. Prizes include an Oculus 2 and 4 Amazon Gift cards. Winners will be communicated via email and on Discord.

Dive into Drive& missions now! Download the NATIX Drive& app and start mapping the real world in real-time. Your feedback is crucial - share your thoughts and experiences to help us improve. Need assistance or want to give feedback? We're here for you.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming launch, feel free to contact our team on Telegram and Discord. Drive SAFU!

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