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Progress Update: NATIX Network in May '23

Progress Update: NATIX Network in May '23

Progress Update: NATIX Network in May '23

Welcome back, NATIXIANs, to the May edition of our Progress Update. The NATIX team has diligently been working throughout the weeks of May, striving to deliver the best possible user experience to every NATIXIAN. This month, we achieved several key milestones ranging from long-awaited battery optimizations for the Drive& app to our most recent partnership with Peaq. This month was as eventful as our previous ones. Without further ado, let's dive straight into the most notable achievements of May.

Most Recent Partnership

NATIX Network has partnered with peaq, a cutting-edge Web3 network designed to fuel the Economy of Things (EoT) on Polkadot. By providing a robust platform, peaq enables entrepreneurs and developers to build innovative decentralized applications and DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) specifically designed for vehicles, robots, and other devices. Through this collaboration, peaq empowers users to exercise governance and generate profits as interconnected machines deliver goods and services within the ecosystem.

NATIX Network and Peaq Partner Up
Learn more about the synergy of NATIX Network and peaq

The first stage of integration between NATIX and peaq will involve the development of a proof-of-concept project on peaq, testing the use of self-sovereign peaq IDs within NATIX's recently launched Drive& app.

peaq dApps & DePINs ecosystem

Once we deem the first stage successful, the second stage will involve integrating Drive& with peaq, allowing users to earn additional rewards through its machine rewards mechanism. The Drive& DePIN will then become part of the peaq ecosystem, beginning with a launch on Krest, peaq's sister network on Kusama.

This strategic partnership holds the potential to enhance the capabilities of both NATIX Network and peaq, while safeguarding user privacy and ensuring a more connected, efficient, and secure future.

Post-Launch AMA

CEO Alireza Ghods and COO/CPO Lorenz Muck joined Twitter Spaces for our first AMA since the release of the Drive& app. Listen to our co-founders as they answer the community's questions, covering various topics such as post-app launch insights, additional app functionality, and what the future holds for Drive&. You can find the Twitter Spaces link below.

NATIX Network Founders Drive& App Launch AMA
Tune in to the NATIX Drive& post-launch AMA here

Drive& app

Introducing the Latest Drive& Update

Earlier this month we released a new update for Drive& based on the community feedback in order to improve the user experience. Through bug fixes, and great new features, let’s have a quick rundown of what changed:

  • Referral stats & bonus award. We have improved the referral stats screen to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your referral bonuses. After completing just one detection session post-update, you'll be able to see all your referral bonuses accurately.
  • App stability and battery optimization. Our team has worked diligently to optimize the app's stability and improve battery efficiency, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience for you.
  • Flexible data processing opt-ins. With the latest version, you'll have the ability to change your data processing opt-ins even after registration. This gives you more control over how your data is handled within the app.
  • A redesigned detection screen. We have made minor design enhancements to the detection screen components, providing you with a refreshed and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy access to imprint & open-source notices. You can now conveniently access the imprint and open-source notices directly within the app. Stay informed about our policies and the technologies powering Drive&.

We remain committed to delivering the best possible user experience and have numerous exciting product features in the pipeline. One of the initial significant updates to the product will be our in-app navigation, aimed at enhancing utility for app users and supporting guided mapping in the future. Additionally, we are working on revamping our redemption options for NATIX points, which will include special products that you will be able to redeem. Stay tuned for further updates in the future.

New Significant Milestone

In the month of May, we achieved our most impressive milestone to date: ten million detections. Moreover, Drive& has garnered nearly 9,000 registered users who, together, have mapped over 750,000 kilometers in total. NATIX Network and Drive& serve as a strong testament to the effectiveness of utilizing existing infrastructure and devices to create a decentralized physical infrastructure network. With its focus on smartphones, NATIX Network has the potential to become one of the largest DePIN networks globally.

NATIX Drive & detects 10 Million Events

Drive& is coming to iOS

We are thrilled to announce that NATIX Network is gearing up to onboard an additional +1 billion devices globally, further facilitating the expansion of our decentralized physical infrastructure network of cameras. Phase 1 of testing has been successfully completed, and we are excited to confirm that the Drive& app will be available on the Apple App Store by the end of June. Stay tuned for official announcements on our social media channels.

NATIX Drive& App coming on iOS

Drive& TikTok/Reels challenge

We are excited to present you with our NATIX Drive& TikTok/Reels challenge. Show off your skills by creating a short video in the style of TikTok/Reels, highlighting Drive& as an exciting new side hustle for drivers. You can showcase the app in action during your real-life experiences or simply demonstrate its impressive in-app features. Let your imagination run wild! Discover more about the challenge and find additional details below.

Drive& move and earn app tiktok/reels challenge
Learn more about the Drive& TikTok/Reels challenge

You can reach our community managers and executive team anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to connect with other members of the NATIX community, our team is here to help. Thank you for being part of the NATIX community and see you in the next month’s update!

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