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peaq & NATIX Network: Connecting Economy of Things & Internet of Cameras

peaq & NATIX Network: Connecting Economy of Things & Internet of Cameras

NATIX Network taps into peaq's ecosystem for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) advancement

NATIX Network & peak announce partnership

NATIX Network announces a strategic partnership with peaq, the Web3 network driving the Economy of Things. With this collaboration, NATIX expands the peaq ecosystem by integrating our Drive& app and AI-powered decentralized sensor network. Through this partnership, NATIX will utilize peaq's comprehensive suite of tools designed for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), including assigning a self-sovereign peaq ID for each sensor within its DePIN. This alliance promises to bring forth exciting new possibilities in the ever-evolving world of IoT and Web3 technology.

peaq: a Web3 network powering the Economy of Things

peaq is a cutting-edge Web3 network designed to fuel the Economy of Things (EoT) on Polkadot, which is renowned as the most environmentally-friendly blockchain network. By offering a robust platform, peaq enables entrepreneurs and developers to construct innovative decentralized applications and DePINs (Decentralized Product Information Networks) tailored for vehicles, robots, and various devices. In doing so, peaq empowers users to exercise governance and earn profits as connected machines deliver goods and services within the ecosystem.

peaq building people powered apps
“DePINs can naturally scale faster than legacy infrastructure providers, and using this model for consumer devices like smartphones amplifies this scalability even more. We’re excited to see NATIX spearhead this model for the first sensor DePIN on peaq, and its masterful use of AI for ensuring user privacy is a great example of putting this amazing technology to work for a good cause.” - Leonard Dorlöchter, co-founder of peaq

The spark driving the partnership

The first stage of integration between NATIX and peaq will involve the development of a proof-of-concept project on peaq, testing the use of self-sovereign peaq IDs within NATIX's recently launched Drive& app. With over 6,000 users since its release in early April, this partnership will also utilize peaq access, peaq's role-based access management function.

DePINs Ecosystem

Once we consider the first stage is successful, the second stage will involve Drive& integrating with peaq, enabling users to earn extra rewards through its machine rewards mechanism. The Drive& DePIN will then join the peaq ecosystem, starting with a launch on Krest, peaq's sister network on Kusama.

This strategic partnership promises to enhance the capabilities of both NATIX Network and peaq while maintaining user privacy and ensuring a more connected, efficient, and secure future.

Final thoughts

We are happy to announce the partnership between NATIX Network and peaq, which is poised to transform how individuals and businesses manage the vast amounts of data generated by connected devices, all while maintaining a strong focus on privacy. By harnessing the power of Web3 technology and AI, the ever-increasing proliferation of sensors becomes a hidden advantage, enabling both private and corporate users to maximize existing infrastructure and preserve privacy through edge computing. The DePIN model is ideally suited for scaling such networks, and peaq's comprehensive toolkit and machine rewards serve as a driving force, enhancing functionality, rewards, and user incentives to participate.

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