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Progress Update: NATIX Network in February '23

Progress Update: NATIX Network in February '23

Welcome to the release of the February Progress Update NATIXIANs! As we approach March, the NATIX Network team is busier than ever preparing for a smooth & successful Drive& App launch. From rigorous testing to ever increasing marketing efforts to build excitement and anticipation around the app launch, everyone’s been all hands on deck.

Let’s take a look at what our team has been up to working tirelessly these past few weeks.

Highlights of the month:

  • Beta Testing Phase 1 finished: 20 testers, 5,000+ hours spent in the app, 5,000+ km driven, 118,000 events detected in 12 countries.
  • Beta Testing Phase 2 starting soon: 5,000+ fresh applications from 80+ different countries.
  • Team is finalizing the Drive& app development for the upcoming launch.

Drive& Beta Testing

We at NATIX Network are excited about the successful Beta Testing Phase 1 of our Drive& app, which involved 20 testers from 12 countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, and more. Our testers spent over 5,000+ hours in the app, driving more than 5,000 km and detecting over 118,000 events including 14,600 road infrastructure and 104,000 traffic participants.

The results of the first beta testing have been invaluable in helping us to identify areas for improvement in the app, as well as enabling us to make significant enhancements to the user experience. To gather even more valuable user data, we launched the Phase 2 of our Drive& App Beta Testing Program. Follow the registration link, if you missed out on Announcement. You are welcome to join 5,000+ new applications from 80+ countries.

Stats for NATIX Network 2nd Beta Testing Phase

The insights gleaned from the data and feedback collected from the first testing phase has been instrumental in the Drive& app's development. With the help of Phase 2 beta testers, we anticipate that the app's performance will be even more improved. Our goal is to develop the best Drive2Earn app in the Web3 industry.

Drive& App Development

This past month has been busier than usual for our development team. We have extended the referral feature with minimum requirements, making it even easier for users to share the app with friends and family. Additionally, we have improved the redeem feature, ensuring users can redeem their rewards quickly and easily. We have also resolved multiple bugs and implemented many improvements, making sure the app runs smoothly and efficiently on all devices.

Our Patent-Pending AI in Action

Did you know that the Drive& app is powered by patent-pending AI technology created by our team? Our core technology is the driving force behind the app, enabling it to detect and analyze road infrastructure and traffic participants accurately and anonymously. To see our technology in action, take a look at the busiest streets of New York through the eyes of the Drive& AI technology, where our app accurately detects and analyzes the surrounding environment, detecting multiple events seamlessly at once.

See how it works in action 👇

The Stars Are Aligning for the Launch

The team at NATIX Network is currently focused on finalizing the preparations for the highly anticipated launch of their Drive& app. This launch is of utmost importance for the company as it represents a significant milestone, signifying the culmination of a considerable amount of work that has been happening behind the scenes for an extended period of time.

To ensure that the app is fully optimized and bug-free, our development team has been conducting rigorous testing to iron out any remaining issues and make necessary improvements. Every effort is being made to leave no stone unturned in the process of getting the app ready for launch.

The launch date of the Drive& app is largely dependent on the review by the Google Play Store. However, we are aiming to submit the app for review by mid/end of March. As soon as the app receives the green light from the Play Store, the team will communicate the official launch date to the community.

Drive& App Waitlist and Testing

The Drive& app continues to gain momentum, with our waitlist increasing by 13K+ subscribers. In total, our mailing list has grown to 57,000 (+19,000 in February) subscribers, demonstrating the widespread interest in our app. Furthermore, we received over 5,000 applications for round 2 Beta Testing, from more than 80 countries, within just two days after the announcement. This incredible response is a testament to the excitement it is generating among future Web3 users.

Brand Ambassador program

To further promote the Drive& app and NATIX Network, we recently launched our Brand Ambassador Program, which has been a resounding success. We are thrilled to have over 1,500 Crew3 members on board, with over 15,000 quests completed.

NATIX Network Brand Ambassador Program

This program has enabled us to tap into the power of community marketing, engaging with our users and rewarding them for their loyalty and advocacy. If you still haven't had a chance to check it out, you will find all the information about the Brand Ambassador Program here. We look forward to your participation.

As February comes to a close, NATIX Network is proud of the significant progress made towards the upcoming Drive& app launch in March. Don't miss out on the our app announcement and bonuses, sign up for Drive& app waitlist now. Join us on this exciting journey towards a better driving experience. Thank you for being part of the NATIX community!

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