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Introducing AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program

Introducing AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program

Astronaut image representing NATIX's ambassador Program for AI Powered Drive& App- Astro
Introducing Astro - Ambassador Program for AI Powered Drive& App

NATIX Network’s AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program 3.0 will empower our platform’s devoted users to be Network informers, influencers, and guides!

We’re super excited to announce our Ambassador Program 3.0 aka AstroNATIXIAN Program. We utilized the Crew3 platform as we favor a decentralized engagement and reward system. Everyone will be proportionally rewarded and could be both an Ambassador and supporter of the project.

What is NATIX Network?

NATIX Network is creating a People-Powered Map — a dynamic map that holds information such as traffic congestion, available parking spot, or pothole locations. The data source for this map is what we call NATIX “Internet of Cameras” — a crowdsourced camera network that is powered by our patent-pending AI software.

We are launching NATIX Drive& Mobile App later Q1, 2023. Targeting 1.5 billion smartphones with AI-accelerated chips, the app rewards the user for every street crossed and city navigated.

💡 If you want to join the waitlist, click here!

Who are AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors?

AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors are:

  • Passionate about Web3 and NFTs and believing deeply in NATIX’s solution
  • Familiar with NATIX, and eager to get involved with the team and help the project grow
  • Enthusiastic to connect directly with the NATIX team to give and receive feedback about the project
  • Interested in growing their network among and beyond the NATIX community
  • Willing to help other users and new community members by engaging in different social media channels
  • Most importantly, excited to impact the growth of NATIX Network

Perks of Being an AstroNATIXIAN

Being an Ambassador is not only about responsibilities, but also benefits:

  • You will benefit from NATIX digital assets i.e. $NTXT tokens, iLand NFTs, in-app points, exclusive raffle, whitelist spots, and more
  • You can hold special Ambassador roles on the NATIX Network social media platforms (for Content Creators and Influencers)
  • You will be invited to cast a vote on certain company-wide decisions
  • You will be the first one to know about the announcements/news before the general public
  • According to your level, you could be rewarded with NATIX swag
  • You are going to be part of something revolutionary and will be able to observe each growth phase
  • You may be considered for respective positions at NATIX

Note: The benefits for AstroNATIXIANs are not one-size-fits-all for everyone. It will depend on certain performance and impact.

AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Types

We have three different Ambassador types, namely Astronaut, Content Creator, and Influencer. You do not need to apply for an Astronaut role in our community. For the roles of Content Creator, and Influencer, however, you need to submit an application which will be reviewed by our team (the application form is down below the article). Here are the role details:


Would you like to help us with daily, weekly, and monthly quests? If so, you could be a great fit to be an Astronaut. We need you if you think that you could help us by:

  • Building and maintaining a strong presence on social media
  • Creating content for educational, casual/fun, or prospective purposes
  • Spotting bugs on Drive& app
  • Suggesting new ideas and providing us with innovative proposals
  • Spreading the word out and inviting friends
  • Bringing hype to the community

Content Creators

Since we are a dynamic, international startup, we need creative, cool, and educational content. It’s something that we care about a lot. We need Content Creators who will:

  • Produce high-quality NATIX Drive& app-related content (posts, videos, podcasts, stickers, and further content) for the community
  • Provide educational content/quizzes and news about Web3, decentralization, and blockchain
  • Write tweets/blogs/articles to make some noise to the masses


You have a credible and reliable existence in social media and you are sure that you can influence people? We need your social reach and impact. We could be a good match if:

  • You have an audience interested in Web3, blockchain, Move-to-Earn apps, or drivers and riders
  • Your audience is highly active and engaged, they comment and share your content
  • Your audience is looking for giveaways and sneak peeks about promising projects
  • You believe that you can spread the word to the masses

Crew3 and its Ranking Scheme

The Discord channel is your direct line to the heart of the NATIX Network engine. Once you have access to the Crew3 platform through your Discord account, you will see tasks (aka “quests”) on a daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time basis. Content Creators and Influencers have their own exclusive quests and they are the only ones entitled to complete them. However, they can complete the quests of Astronauts as well.

AstroNATIXIANs will grab XP, proportional to quests on the Crew3 platform. Initially, all members will begin at Level 0. However, based on your performance and participation, you will be promoted to higher levels. There is a respective level-up on the Crew3 system. Once you go to higher levels, it gets harder to level up due to the formula. For more detailed info, please check here!

NATIX Network crew3
You can check your XP on the leaderboard and your personal profile

Compensation Model

We’ve allocated US $500.000 worth of $NTXT tokens (i.e. 15,000,000 tokens), in-app points, iLand NFTs, and other rewards to the AstroNATIXIAN Program! This figure is based on all completed seed sales. Upon the Token Generation Event, the pre-launch part of this pool will be proportionally and fairly distributed among AstroNATIXIANs depending on their XP and if they surpass the minimum XP threshold. The tokens have the following vesting schedule: 10% unlock at TGE, then 15% unlock per month thereafter. We also have a secret bonus for hodlers. We will announce the minimum XP threshold later.

General Rules

  • AstroNATIXIANs of all kinds are required to be active, interact in Crew3 and our social media platforms, and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Any attempts to manipulate or fraudulently exploit the point system will be met with the immediate cancellation of the accrued points, and ultimately removal from the rewards program.
  • Repetitive submission of the same content would lead to the disqualification of the member from the system.
  • Impersonation of different users and 3rd parties is not allowed. It will result in elimination from the program.
  • AstroNATIXIANs who promote pump-dump, Ponzi, or any other financial frauds, create content with low quality, or use bots to enhance their posts will be expelled from the program.
  • If you take a break from quests and go inactive for a while, you’ll incur a monthly 10% XP deduction.

Application Process:

  • Fill out and submit the application form (only for influencers and content creators).
  • You will receive an email of acceptance with all the needed information to proceed.
  • Once you are approved and entitled to the program, you will have access to all current tasks exclusive to you and will receive notifications on Discord and from Crew3 about any future quests.
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