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Withdraw Your $NATIX – Available Now

Withdraw Your $NATIX – Available Now

$NATIX DePIN Crypto Withdrawal

Ladies, Gentlemen, NATIXIANs, drivers, and DePIN fans, the hour of $NATIX token listing is nearly upon us and we have an exciting announcement to make.


  • Drive& users can request withdrawal of their in-app NATIX ahead of TGE, at a minimum of 6000 in-app NATIX per request.
  • The early window for requests will be between June 25–28 @ 11 am CET, with a maximum withdrawal cap of 10K requests.
  • Users who submit their requests during the early withdrawal window will receive their funds on July 2nd.
  • If 10K withdrawal requests are made before June 28, the early withdrawal window closes.
  • After the early withdrawal window closes, new requests will be accepted on July 3rd (for July 3rd and onwards).
  • Intense traffic is expected during the early withdrawal period and TGE. Follow official NATIX Network channels to stay updated on any technical issues.
  • Withdrawing more than 50% of your in-app NATIX in the first 30 days after TGE (before HODL airdrop) resets your HODL Score to 0, so withdraw with care if you plan to participate in the HODL Airdrop.
  • Network Laps are still ongoing until the NATIX Network reaches 100M km mapped. The early withdrawal window is for people who have earned in-app NATIX by mapping and/or participating in Social Quests.

Early Withdrawal Window

For a limited amount of time before TGE, withdrawal requests for in-app NATIX will be enabled at a minimum of 6000 in-app NATIX per request:

June 25th, 11:00 am CET – June 28th, 11 am CET

Withdrawal requests are on a first come first serve basis, and there is a maximum withdrawal cap of 10K requests to accommodate for Solana network congestion at TGE and the timely receiving of tokens by the community. In case 10K withdrawal requests are reached before June 28, the early withdrawal window will close and users won’t be able to file new withdrawal requests until July 3rd, which will be delivered during the same day.

3 Simple Steps for $NATIX Withdrawal

To withdraw your in-app NATIX:

  • Link your Solana Wallet to the Drive& app under Menu > User Profile > Link Your Solana Wallet.*
    *Carefully input the correct wallet address as withdrawal requests can't be retrieved or refunded.
  • Go to your Drive& wallet on the top right
  • Click “Withdraw”
  • Follow the steps as shown on your screen. 

As promised, initially there will be no fee for the withdrawal and the funds will be delivered to users on July 2nd.

Traffic ahead

Due to the intense traffic expected during the withdrawal period and $NATIX distribution time, the NATIX Drive& app may experience technical difficulties that might even lead to crashes.

App Crash Warning

We assure you the NATIX team is hard at work to deliver the tokens to you on time but in case of heavy congestion, there may be delays. Rest assured if you submit your withdrawal request during the early withdrawal window, we will process the transactions at TGE. The transactions might face delays due to Solana Network congestions but we will be releasing investor tokens only after all TGE withdrawal transactions are successful

We advise that in any case of technical issues, try again later, and join the NATIX Network Discord or Telegram channels to report the problem and follow up on possible solutions.*
*If you’re experiencing issues with the withdrawal requests you may need to disable your VPN.

What Happens After $NATIX TGE?

TGE until TGE+7 days: New instant withdrawal requests will be enabled starting July 3rd with a 0% instant withdrawal fee, and users will receive their funds a day later.

TGE+7 days Onwards: Users can submit withdrawal requests which will have a 30-day cooldown period, or submit an instant withdrawal request with a 30% instant withdrawal fee.

HODL to the Moon


We would like to remind you all that your HODL score is based on the amount of in-app NATIX you hold and the duration you keep them for, and that withdrawing more than 50% of your in-app NATIX in the first 30 days after TGE resets your HODL Score to 0.

So if you plan on withdrawing most of your in-app NATIX, you will no longer be a member of the higher-tier HODL Clubs, which offer exclusive rewards and participation in the HODL Airdrop. To view the possible rewards for each tier, you can read all about the HODL Clubs, or check your rank and club membership in the table below.

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