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Introducing the Drive& Welcome and Adventure Challenges

Introducing the Drive& Welcome and Adventure Challenges

NATIX Drive& app Challenges on Zealy
Complete the Welcome & Adventure Challenges and be eligible to win from our prize pool of 2 Meta Oculus and 8 Amazon gift cards worth 20 USD each

Introducing the Drive& Welcome and Adventure Challenges! Elevate your point-earning potential like never before. Whether you're just starting out or you're a Zealy veteran, we have a challenge tailored just for you. Dive into immersive quests on the Zealy community platform, amplifying your in-app and Zealy XP point gains. Redeem these points for exclusive vouchers, premium goods & services, and most notably, the NTXT token in the near future. Before we jump to the challenges and rules, let’s have a quick overview of the importance of the Drive& XP on Zealy.

Why should Zealy XP matter to you?

We've set aside a substantial pool of rewards worth US $500,000 in $NTXT tokens, in-app points, iLand NFTs, and more for our valued NATIX members on Zealy! This allocation is based on all completed seed sales. Following the Token Generation Event (TGE), the initial part of this pool will be distributed proportionally among users who meet the minimum threshold requirement, depending on the total XP they've earned. The token release will follow this schedule: 10% unlocked at TGE, with an additional 15% unlocked each subsequent month. And for our dedicated hodlers, there's a secret bonus in store. Now let’s dive into the NATIX Drive& Challenges and let the adventure begin!

Drive& Challenge Rules on Zealy

  • Each task has to be submitted through Zealy, for evaluation by the NATIX Network team.
  • Users are required to complete all of the steps outlined in the Welcome and Adventure Challenges to be eligible for rewards.
  • To be eligible for the prize raffle, users must complete the Welcome Challenge within 1 week after registration.
  • There is no time restriction for raffle tickets regarding the Drive& Adventure Challenge.
  • The prize raffle will occur for both challenges only when at least 500 users complete the respective challenge, but no more than once a month. 
  • Prize raffle will happen on the last day of the given month, if the conditions are met. Otherwise, the raffle will be drawn on the last day of the month on which the conditions are met. 
  • Users who attempt to abuse or circumvent the rules in the challenge may be disqualified without prior notice.

The Drive& Welcome Challenge

The Drive& Welcome Challenge
  • Register in Drive& app with any referral code. Reward: a welcome bonus of 10,000 in-app points.
  • Join the NATIX Network Discord and Zealy platforms. You will need to connect your Discord account to Zealy in order to be eligible to partake in Drive& related quests. Complete the intro task “Start the Welcome Challenge” by providing a screenshot of your Drive& registration. Reward: 50 XP
  • Open the Drive& app and make at least 1 detection while driving. Take a screenshot at the end of your driving session, and submit it on the “Make 1 Detection” Zealy quest. Reward: 25 XP
  • Share a social media post dedicated to the Drive& Welcome Challenge on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Use the hashtags #NATIX #welcomechallenge and include the link to our Zealy platform: Submit the post URL on the “Spread the Word” Zealy quest. Reward: 50 XP
  • Refer at least one user to the Drive& app. To submit, provide a screenshot of your Invite Stats page in Drive&. You can access the page by clicking the Menu button > Invite & Earn > Invite Stats. Submit the screenshot on the “Refer a Friend” quest. Reward: 15K in-app points for your first 8 referrals and 100XP after inviting at least one friend.
  • Write a genuine review of Drive& app on Google Play or the App Store. Submit a screenshot of your review on the “Leave a review for Drive& App” Zealy quest. Reward: 50 XP
  • Once all of the 6 steps above are successfully completed you need to claim the “Complete the Welcome Challenge” quest. If you manage to finish all the quests in under 1 week, you gain one raffle ticket to earn a reward from the following pool of prizes:- 1 “Meta Oculus Quest 2”- 4 Amazon gift cards, worth 20 USD each.

The Drive& Adventure Challenge

The Drive& Adventure Challenge

To ensure lasting engagement, whether you've just embarked on your Welcome challenge or are a dedicated NATIXIAN, we've curated a fresh array of thrilling quests for you to complete on the NATIX Network Zealy platform.

  • Drive& earn 700 in-app points. You already have 10,000 points from registering, once you have gathered at least 10,700 Drive& in-app points, submit a screenshot of your total score here. Reward: 25 XP
  • Reach a total of 17,000 in-app points. Reward: 50 XP
  • Reach a total of 27,500 in-app points. Reward: 100 XP
  • Reach a total of 115,000 in-app points. Reward: 175 XP
  • Reach a total of 1,000,000 in-app points. Reward: 250 XP
  • Complete the Driver Survey. Take a screenshot of the “Thank you” page, after completing the survey and submit it to complete the “Driver Survey” Zealy Quest. Reward: 150 XP


The Drive& Challenges are available to everyone aged 18 and above.

Prize winners are responsible for complying with their local tax laws regarding their gifts.

NATIX GmbH reserves the right to modify or cancel the Drive& Challenges or their rules at any time without notice. In case of disputes, NATIX GmbH's decision shall be final.

The NATIX GmbH team may disqualify any participant from the Drive& Challenges for any reason, including but not limited to fraudulent or illegal activity.

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