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AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program Enhancement

AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program Enhancement

NATIX Network’s AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program 3.0 is now getting a new upgrade. The enhancement model will feature more rewards, perks and new monthly challenges!

NATIX Brand Ambassador Program Update

We are super thrilled to announce that our Ambassador Program 3.0 aka AstroNATIXIAN Program, will be getting an all-new upgrade. For all our existing ambassadors and the new ones to come, there will be more rewards, exclusive perks and new monthly sprint challenges between all ambassadors, details of which you can find further down in this article. 

What is the AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program 3.0?

The NATIX Network ambassador program is a program integrated within our Zealy (Crew 3) system which allows any community member and also ambassadors to complete different quests and earn experience points (XPs). In our community, we favor a decentralized reward system which means that everyone, regardless of how many XPs they got so far, will be proportionally rewarded. That’s why we call it “Ambassador Program 3.0” where anyone could be an Ambassador and a supporter of the project. 

For more information on the AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Program 3.0 and how to be part of it you can read our original article about NATIX's Brand Ambassador program.

Changes to the AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador Types

Previously the Ambassador program had 3 types of Ambassadors, namely Astronauts, Content Creators and Influencers. There will be no changes to the Astronaut role, and you will still not have to apply in order to earn it, but rather simply joining our Discord community will grant you the role, and you will be able to complete the daily, weekly and monthly challenges available to all our community members. 

For the roles of Content Creator and Influencer, however, due to the roles being very similar in their core, we have decided to merge the two together into one role called “AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador”. This will also allow us to have a better combined community of Ambassadors, improving cross-collaboration between each other, and also have a joint group of quests which will play an important role in the monthly challenges and perks, explained in more detail further down in the article. 

For the role of AstroNATIXIAN Ambassador you will need to submit an application which will be reviewed by our team. Here is how to apply:

  • Fill out and submit the application form (only for AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors).
  • You will receive an email of acceptance with all the needed information to proceed.
  • Once you are approved and entitled to the program, you will have access to all current tasks exclusive to you and will receive notifications on Discord and from Crew3 about any future quests.
Become NATIX Drive& App Brand Ambassador

Better Rewards

For all AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors there will be a new category on our Zealy platform (due to the Influencer and Content Creator roles being merged together) and a new set of quests which are exclusive to this role and only AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors are entitled to complete them.

The quests will have a higher XP reward compared to the ones from the previous model. This means that you will have the chance to reach higher levels and climb faster on the leaderboard, granting you a greater proportion of the allocated rewards to the AstroNATIXIAN Program!

Exclusive Perks

AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors will now also have access to a new set of exclusive perks that will help boost their activity and make you feel like you are truly part of the NATIX team. 

  • All content created and shared by our Ambassadors will be given priority to be retweeted and/or reposted by the official NATIX Network account on the respective platforms in order to give you an extra boost to grow your own personal account and increase your audience.  Note: This will only apply to content that is up to the standards of quality set by the NATIX team.
  • Ambassadors will now have the chance to join private AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with official members of the NATIX team, in order to answer any questions you might have and guide you through your journey with us.
  • Access to sneak peaks and updates before we release it to the general public, so you are well aware of what important updates we will release and start preparing your content beforehand.
  • All AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors will also have a secure open spot on all Drive& beta testing or other kinds of internal testing within the app.

  • Our top performing Ambassadors will have the chance to win some NATIX-themed  merchandise.

New Monthly Sprint Challenges

Our Ambassador enhancement model will now feature new monthly sprint challenges on our Zealy (Crew3) platform. Every 30 days a new sprint challenge will be created where AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors will need to complete as many quests and earn as many XP as possible from their available quests on Zealy. The top 2 Ambassadors with the most XP earned during the 30 day sprint will earn extra rewards such as gift cards, vouchers, in-app points and more. Note: The monthly sprint challenge rewards and number of winners are subject to change at the start of each new sprint. The terms and conditions will always be communicated with the Ambassadors prior to the start of the next sprint.

General Rules

  • Astronauts and AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors are required to be active, interact in Zealy and our social media platforms, and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Any attempts to manipulate or fraudulently exploit the point system will be met with the immediate cancellation of the accrued points, and ultimately removal from the rewards program.
  • Repetitive submission of the same content would lead to the disqualification of the member from the system.
  • Impersonation of different users and 3rd parties is not allowed. It will result in elimination from the program.
  • AstroNATIXIAN Ambassadors who promote pump-dump, Ponzi, or any other financial frauds, create content with low quality, or use bots to enhance their posts will be expelled from the program.
  • Remaining inactive for a long time is discouraged and will result in your removal from the Ambassador program in order to open up the seat for new applicants.
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