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Revealing the NATIX Elected Advisors and Investors

Revealing the NATIX Elected Advisors and Investors

NATIX Advisors and Investors Board

NATIXIANs and DePIN enthusiasts, we are proud to present to you our selected advisors and investors. These outstanding individuals with their vast wisdom and experience allow us to give you the best.

Every single one of them is the reason for our success in many aspects of the business:

  • Their expertise in marketing enhanced our brand visibility and engagement, helping us reach a broader audience and steadily grow.
  • In the realm of technology, their guidance enforced our mission and helped us create this amazing DePIN project, positioning us at the forefront of innovation.
  • Our go-to-market (G2M) strategies have been crafted with their insights for us to reach new markets, support new partnerships, and scale.
  • Their deep understanding of tokenomics has been crucial in designing a robust and sustainable economic model for our ecosystem.

The advisory board’s comprehensive expertise in areas such as crypto, DePIN, mobility, telecommunications, etc, are all combined into what we do. They have been pivotal in NATIX’s rapid growth and success across various critical areas.

Let's meet the top of the crop who are leading us through the Web3 world, and help us reshape your driving experience and become one of the top DePIN projects.

Alvaro Gracia

Alvaro Gracia - NATIX Advisor

As DePIN Funds Partner at Borderless Capital, Alvaro is one of the pioneers of DePIN project funding, having invested in and advised over 35 DePIN projects.

Before joining Borderless Capital, Alvaro was the Head of US Investments at Telefónica in Menlo Park, CA. He represented the company as an LP in five global VC funds and served on the BoD of portfolio companies.

A seasoned economist and MBA holder, Alvaro’s expertise in guiding and supporting DePIN projects has been unmatched, making him one of the most important and prominent figures in DePIN funding, and a lighthouse for NATIX in this ocean.



Wesley Tang-Wymer

Wesley Tang-Wymer - NATIX advisor

Co-founder of Room40, a crossover investment firm focused on crypto, with a platform consisting of a multi-strategy hedge fund and early-stage venture funds.

Previous to Room40, Wes was a founding team member of SoftBank Group International and SoftBank Vision Fund, where he oversaw investments and held board roles across growth-stage companies in the financial technologies and mobility verticals. Wes is a former investor in mobility apps like Uber, DiDi, and Grab – you can follow a trend here for successful mobility applications.

Before SoftBank, Wes was an investment analyst at Point72 focused on technology, media, and telecom. Wes began his career at Morgan Stanley in the investment banking department. Wes is a combination of everything that makes NATIX, and his support is valuable.


Gracy Chen

Gracy Chen - NATIX Advisor

Gracy Chen is the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget. Gracy has 10 years of experience in business management, marketing, and investment, making her a powerful ally. She was also an early investor in Bitkeep (now known as Bitget Wallet), Asia's leading decentralized wallet.

Since joining Bitget in 2022 as its first Managing Director (MD), Gracy was recently appointed CEO in May 2024 due to her proven ability and achievements leading Bitget's growth strategies.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and an MBA degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

You might recognize Gracy as a judge on the panel of “Killer Whales” on Apple TV or as a delegate of the UN Women CSW conference. We are honored to have Gracy on board as a strong advocate for better diversity in the Web3 space, and we know her immense amount of experience and success will make sure we shoot for the stars.



Sean Carey

Sean Carey - NATIX Advisor

Partner at Borderless Capital and Founder of Helium, one of the pioneers of DePIN innovation and a pure example of the power of decentralized physical infrastructure. Sean is considered one of the founding fathers of DePIN.

A seasoned software and system engineer turned venture capitalist with over 25 years of experience in the tech industry, Sean leverages his vast experience to navigate the vast sea of innovation and focus on DePIN investing.

With Sean, we know that we can’t get better when it comes to DePIN innovation experience, pushing our technology to the edge and giving back to the network that supports us.



Salvador Gala

Salvador Gala - NATIX Advisor

Co-founder and managing partner of Escape Velocity (EV3) ventures.

EV3 raised the first dedicated DePIN fund in 2022, backed by the founders of a16z, Ribbit, Multicoin, Castle Island, Framework, Variant, and other leading crypto investors. Before starting EV3, Sal was an investor at Ribbit Capital and an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

To have Salvador on our team is the sail to our boat when it comes to DePIN backing and trust, and his knowledge steers us in the ecosystem.



Ran Neuner

Ran Neuner - NATIX Advisor

Founder of Crypto Banter, the world’s biggest live crypto streaming channel, Ran is also the Co-founder and CEO of Onchain Capital, a Blockchain investment fund and Advisory service. This is our second judge taken straight out of Apple TV’s “Killer Whales.”

In 2017 Ran launched Crypto Trader, the world’s first televised cryptocurrency show featured on CNBC, Ran was previously the founder and CEO of The Creative Counsel Group, which grew to become the largest sales and marketing agency in Africa.

Ran’s success in the Blockchain world has earned him the ranking of one of the top 10 most influential people in Blockchain by Richtopia. When it comes to Blockchain, we trust Ran with our eyes closed, as he’s seen it all.



James Parillo

James Parillo - NATIX advisor

Managing Partner at Figment Capital, an early-stage venture fund focused on web3 and blockchain infrastructure development with notable portfolio companies such as EigenLayer, Celestia, Initia, Wormhole, Movement, and Starkware.

Before joining Figment Capital, James' background was in the taxation of financial products and financial instruments. His family has been involved in supply management and physical delivery of goods through transportation services.

With James on board with us is like walking around with a stamp of trust in what and how we do things. 


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