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A global
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Join the world's largest AI camera network (DePIN) and earn.
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Starting with the smartphone

Drive&: an AI powered dash cam app

Smartphone showing the mapping capabilities of Drive&.Smartphone displaying how you earn from Drive& detections.Smartphone displaying how you earn from Drive& detections.
Icons to download Drive& app
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How it works

The fastest, cheapest and most scalable way to crowdsource live data and create a digital twin of our environments

01 · Data Collection

Data Collection

Our AI software analyses video streams in real-time to detect a wide range of events. The collected data is in the form of plain text and free of any personally identifiable information.

 Image of a pedestrian crossing and traffic with bounding boxes around pedestrians
02 · Data Validation

Data Validation

NATIX Network technology employs multiple decentralized data validation techniques to confirm the accuracy and authenticity of the data, ensuring its reliability and trustworthiness.

Abstract visual of the NATIX logo with detection events
03 · Data Monetization

Data Monetization

Data is monetized via our marketplace to facilitate real-time applications. Market demand determines the data worth, leading to camera owners being rewarded for their contributions.

Digital map showing various NATIX detection modules

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