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NATIX Reaches Solana Saga Smartphones

NATIX Reaches Solana Saga Smartphones

NATIX X Solana Saga Smartphones

For those who missed the announcement, NATIX has launched the NATIX token on Solana, becoming part of the most vibrant Web3 community and pushing DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure networks) innovation forward. But the good news has only just started.

As part of our integration with Solana, we have more information to share, and it relates to your trusted mobile device.

The Perfect Fit

The decision to launch on Solana was a no-brainer and is particularly exciting for NATIX. As a mobile-based solution ourselves, we understand the importance of accessibility and convenience.

With Saga, Solana Mobile has been a pioneer of the mobile era of web3 which matches our vision for scalability through the network of smartphones. Following successful beta testing, the Drive& app is now available on Saga’s dApp store, joining a list of revolutionary decentralized apps made available for the next generation of smartphones.

With Solana Mobile Saga we couldn’t ask for more in terms of capturing capabilities. The powerful camera the phone comes equipped with, along with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 Mobile Platform chip provides the perfect host for the Drive& app to do what it does best.

The good news doesn’t stop there for Saga phone holders. As part of our major milestone-based airdrop program, Network Laps, which is currently set to 100 million kilometers covered, all Saga Genesis and Chapter 2 pre-order Token holders participating in the event will receive a 30% multiplier to their Driver Cards! All that’s needed is for them to connect the right wallet in the Drive& app. Read more about the Network Laps by following the hyperlink.

Solana aligns perfectly with NATIX’s AI-powered smartphone strategy, and Saga provides the perfect platform for NATIX users to stay connected and in control wherever they are. Saga’s access to Web3 native dApps is the perfect catalyst for future collaborations between the Drive& app and Solana’s mobile powerhouse.

We are already cooking more special perks for Saga phone holders, and are excited for Solana’s Saga Chapter 2, make sure to follow @NATIXNetwork where we will share more info in the future.

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