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NATIX Partners With Mapbox – Bringing Navigation to Drive&

NATIX Partners With Mapbox – Bringing Navigation to Drive&

NATIX Partnership with MAPBOX rings Navigation to Drive& App

Drivers, the moment many of us have been dreaming of is coming. We’re excited to finally reveal that we have partnered with the mapping giant Mapbox to bring navigation to over 130,000 registered drivers on the NATIX Drive& app.

Combining the battle-tested navigation system Mapbox provides along with data collected by the NATIX Network means that not only can we offer a navigation service similar to Waze and Google Maps, but it also suggests the best routes for the smoothest traffic avoidance experience with real-time traffic updates and constantly updated estimated time of arrival. 

With time, the NATIX navigation system will not only improve through additional data generated by our users, but we will be working on providing new features and improvements that will reshape your driving experience.

Mapbox: Leading the Way in Location Technology

Drive& App with navigation

Mapbox has been a leader in the mapping industry for over a decade and is known for its recent push to use AI to make maps smarter. With over $614 million in funding, Mapbox is one of the best navigation and map service providers globally, and building maps for the automotive industry is where it shines.

When developing the NATIX navigation system we were not looking to “reinvent the wheel” and chose to collaborate with Mapbox knowing they provide a base navigation system that is of the highest grade. Using the Mapbox Navigation SDK combined with data generated by the NATIX Network we can offer the best user experience.

The Network Effect Reaches Drive&

NATIX Drive& Navigation - July 16

The NATIX navigation feature had the highest demand among our community and we’re excited to finally reveal that it will be added to the Drive& app on July 16. With this release, the NATIX Drive& app adds a ton of utility for our drivers, and thanks to our smartphone strategy, it allows us to expand our focus and operations as more drivers start using the app.

As the NATIX Network grows, so will the data generated by the network, which allows us to provide you with the most accurate and efficient navigation experience. This flywheel effect where Drive& users are both the providers and benefactors of data is monumental for the sustainability of the network.

NATIX Navigation Flywheel

Navigation – Putting NATIX Mapping Capabilities on Steroids

Aside from the utility navigation offers to Drive& users, it will put our geospatial data collection and mapping capabilities on steroids. Navigation enables us to explore new ways to mobilize our network and collect mapping data more efficiently.

Combining area-based missions with the navigation system can be used to incentivize our users to explore new paths, and reach areas where NATIX's customers have no data or need higher update frequency. This opens the door to even better map coverage for our users and to reach data-blindspots to provide the highest grade of mapping data for data buyers.

Drive & Gamification with Navigation

Stay tuned for the official launch on July 16 and get ready to experience a new era of navigation with the NATIX Drive& app through this powerful partnership with Mapbox, we are transforming the way you drive.

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