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Drive& App: Move and Earn While You Drive

Drive& App: Move and Earn While You Drive

NATIX Drive& app running on the phone mounted horizontally in front of the front view mirror of the vehicle

Are you tired of paying for gas and vehicle maintenance without getting anything in return? Look no further than Drive& app, the innovative platform that rewards you for every kilometer/mile driven. With the ability to earn points and turn them into NTXT tokens, iLand NFTs, or other goods and services, Drive& app is the perfect way to make your commute more rewarding.

How it Works:

Drive& app is simple to use. First, download the app on Play Store or App Store (Download links will be activated once the app is live). Once you have the app, place your phone on the dashboard and keep it in active mode while driving. Drive& App will detect your driving activity and reward you with points for every kilometer driven.

Improving Infrastructure Maintenance and Logistics

By using Drive& app, you not only earn rewards but also help improve infrastructure maintenance and logistics. The app detects road conditions and records and stores metadata. This information can be used to improve road maintenance and repair, leading to safer and more efficient driving experiences or better planned logistics. If you are concerned about personal or otherwise sensitive data capture, transmission, and storage, feel free to check our privacy-compliant metadata mining documentation. We take data privacy issues seriously and pride ourselves on creating a GDPR-compliant environment, whether at work, in-app, on Web2, or Web3.

NATIX AI road infrastructure detection, generated image and metadata

Future evolution of the Drive& app as a Web3 project

Drive& is a Web3 app that aligns with values of privacy and decentralisation. We have developed an AI technology that provides privacy and control over personal data. We also enable a new level of transparency and accountability by utilising blockchain technology. Every transaction is recorded on a tamper-proof ledger that anyone can audit, ensuring that rewards are distributed fairly and accurately. Still, the aim is to have a decentralised network of nodes adding that much stability and security to the network.

Decentralised interconnected camera network running NATIX AI creating a dynamic map

So how else does Web3 make Drive& app even better? For one, it offers greater privacy and security. These topics are especially important in today's world, where data breaches and online privacy violations are too common. With Web3, users also have control over their personal data, being able to choose which apps and services they want to use and share it with.  

Additionally, Web3 offers greater opportunities for financial inclusion by removing the need for intermediaries like banks and payment processors. Consequently, anyone with an internet connection can participate in the global economy, regardless of their financial status or residence.

Move and Earn with Drive& App

Ways to Earn:

App rewards you for more than just driving. You can earn additional points by detecting events, such as cars passing or potholes. The more events you detect, the more points you earn. Plus, inviting friends to join Drive& app will also earn you referral program reward (Look out for the program launch not to miss it).

Although the app is currently in beta testing, you can still sign up for the Drive& app waitlist to gain early access to the app. Once the app is live, only those who have signed up for the waitlist and those they refer to will have access to it. Don't miss your chance to earn rewards and improve your community with Drive& app.

In conclusion, Drive& by NATIX Network is a new revolutionary app. It is the easiest way to earn rewards for something you already do every day: drive. With Drive& app, you can get rewards for every kilometer driven, detect events and invite friends for even greater rewards. As a Web3 project, it offers greater privacy, security, and financial inclusion, making it the perfect way to make your commute more rewarding. Plus, by using Drive& app, you can help improve infrastructure maintenance and logistics in your community. Sign up for the waitlist today and take advantage of the chance when the Drive& app goes live.

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