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Faster than Google and Hivemapper: NATIX maps 1 million kilometers in first 11 weeks

Faster than Google and Hivemapper: NATIX maps 1 million kilometers in first 11 weeks

Move and Earn App NATIX Drive& maps 1 million KM in 11 weeks

Here at NATIX, we're excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey. As a pioneering privacy-first company specializing in AI and IoT real-world applications, we have successfully gathered a network of over 10,000 drivers. Collectively, NATIXIANs, our app users, have mapped more than 1 million kilometers, all within a remarkable span of just 11 weeks since launch. This rapid progress sets us apart from other centralized and decentralized competitors such as Google, Mapillary and Hivemapper. Our successful growth is largely thanks to our smartphone strategy that powers NATIX, utilizing a worldwide network of smartphones to create a unique crowd-sourced camera network. This strategy has allowed us to grow at an impressive speed and efficiency, helping us to reach the 1 million kilometers milestone faster than any competitors.

The dashcam app powering NATIX Network

Our achievements have been fueled by Drive&, our innovative app that seamlessly merges AI with a decentralized smartphone network. Drive& is revolutionizing everyday travel by rewarding users for each kilometer driven, thereby transforming ordinary commutes into opportunities to earn valuable points. These points can be effortlessly converted into cool products, services, and later this year our native crypto token, NTXT. As the go-to drive-to-earn app, Drive& enriches every journey, turning each kilometer into a rewarding experience.

Move and Earn app interface - NATIX Drive&

Laying the foundation with Artificial Intelligence

We are harnessing the power of the 45 billion cameras worldwide to create a unique, crowd-sourced camera network. This endeavor is made possible by the vast user base of over 1.5 billion iOS or Android devices with artificial intelligence capabilities. These smartphones allow devices to run our AI software efficiently, turning every photo taken and video recorded into data points. This valuable data contributes to a dynamic, real-time map of the world, updated with fresh information from our global network of Drive& app users. With this approach, we're revolutionizing the way crowd-sourced data is gathered and interpreted.

Our AI software is specifically designed for seamless operation on smartphones, leveraging their camera capabilities to collect dynamic map data. As our users go about their daily routine, the software identifies road users, traffic signals, and road conditions, converting this data into a numeric form to uphold user privacy. No personal data leaves the device, reinforcing our steadfast commitment to privacy.

See the NATIX patent-pending artificial intelligence in action through the streets of New York.

Surging ahead of the competition

At NATIX Network, we are trailblazing the mapping of real-world environments and leaving behind competitors such as Google Street View, Mapillary, and Hivemapper. The 1,000,000 kilometer milestone proves the scalability potential offered by smartphones. Here is how it compares to some other mapping services and projects:

  • Mapillary, which was acquired by Meta in 2020, opted for a crowdsourcing approach through its Android app. It accumulated 1 million kilometers in 22 months, resulting in an average of 45,000 kilometers per month.
  • Hivemapper, a mapping service offering crypto rewards and powered by custom dashcam devices costing users $299 each, reported accumulating 1 million kilometers of unique street-level imagery 4.5 months after launch. This results in an approximate average of 222,000 kilometers per month.
  • Contrasting with these figures, we at NATIX have achieved 1 million kilometers within a mere 2.5 months since our app launch. We have mapped approximately 400,000 kilometers per month, comfortably outpacing Google Street View, Mapillary, and Hivemapper.
Drive&, Google Maps, Hivemapper, Mapillary comparison
Comparing data 11 weeks after launch, NATIX has mapped 3x more than Google, 8.6x more than Mapillary, and 6.6x more than Hivemapper (Hivemapper data source).

Our strategy rewards our users for their data while eliminating the need for hardware expenses for both our company and our users. Remarkably, we at NATIX have accomplished this significant milestone with an app that was initially only available on Android. Recently, we have launched the Drive& app on iOS, which will enable us to facilitate user growth even further by fully leveraging the “iPhone strategy”. Our presence on both major smartphone platforms is a testament to our commitment to making our technology accessible to a broader audience and solidifying our leadership in the field.

The “iPhone strategy”: competitive advantage driving our success

We at NATIX understand that the key to widespread Web3 adoption lies in harnessing the ubiquity and capabilities of smartphones. Our strategy bypasses the need for additional hardware, carving out a fast-track to extensive and sustainable user adoption. Modern smartphones are armed with a variety of sensors, which create a vast decentralized physical hardware network. This untapped resource can be leveraged by intuitive software to perform a diverse range of tasks, including decentralized mapping, robust data collection, and smart-city planning that strictly adhere to GDPR regulations. This approach not only taps into the existing potential of global devices but also propels us towards a future of increasingly interconnected and intelligent systems.

"Web3 and AI technologies transform the vast sensor network into an unrivaled opportunity," states Alireza Ghods, co-founder and CEO of NATIX Network. "By tapping into existing infrastructure and smartphones' capabilities, we achieve superior scalability while maintaining privacy through edge computing. Our Drive& app further magnifies this scalability, turning smartphones into reward-earning tools without needing substantial hardware investments, thereby setting new benchmarks across various service sectors."

You can reach our community managers and executive team anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to connect with other members of the NATIX community, our team is here to help. Thank you for being part of the NATIX community!

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