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Drive& App Debuts on iOS: Participate in our Referral Program and the Grand Prize Raffle

Drive& App Debuts on iOS: Participate in our Referral Program and the Grand Prize Raffle

Refer your friends, get in-app points, and win cool prizes

NATIX move and earn app Drive& - referral program and rewards

The NATIX team is marking the arrival of the Drive& app on the Apple App Store with a fun-filled raffle. We invite you to participate in this special event where you could potentially win numerous exciting and unique prizes. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

The third Grand Referral Raffle will start July 11th at 00:00 CET until August 10th at 23:59 CET, Drive& app users have the opportunity to participate in the Grand Referral Raffle by obtaining a unique referral link as part of our Drive& referral program. You can find your own unique referral link by going to the menu and clicking on the Invite & Earn tab as shown below.

Move and Earn app, Drive& - referral program screen - how it works

This referral link can be shared with your friends and family, and for each successful referral, you will earn 15,000 in-app points up to 8 times. This time, users will immediately start to accumulate referral tickets that will make them eligible to partake in our Grand Referral Raffle with a chance to win exciting prizes. At the end of the campaign, a random ticket draw will select the winners, however, the more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning one of the prizes listed below.

  • Tier 1: 10x - $20 Amazon e-gift cards or 20 USDC
  • Tier 2: 2x - Meta Oculus Quest 2
  • Tier 3: 1x - Apple iPhone 14

You are eligible to partake in the raffle for Tier 1 prizes if you’ve successfully referred 1 or more users, Tier 2 prizes if you’ve referred 5 or more users, and the Tier 3 prize on the condition that you have successfully referred 10 or more users. A referral is considered successful when a friend downloads the Drive& app, signs-up using your referral, and earns at least 16,000 in-app points while using the app.

It is important to note that the referral tickets are not capped at any limit, at one to six referrals users will accumulate 15 referral tickets, from six referrals and up, each referral is rewarded with 5 additional referral tickets. This means that the more people you successfully invite - the higher your chances are of winning one of the grand prizes! 

In addition to the raffle and in-app points, we will also reward every participant of the raffle with a redeemable voucher worth 50,000 points for everybody as long as they meet the condition of having at least one referral.

Additionally, in celebration of the recent app launch, new users will receive a welcome gift of 10,000 bonus in-app points. Haven't downloaded Drive& yet? Learn more about the NATIX move and earn app in our most recent Drive& iOS announcement blog.

NATIX Move to Earn app - Drive& Referral rewards distribution table
Referral rewards distribution table

Terms & Conditions

The referral program is open to all individuals 18 years or older, except employees of NATIX Network and their immediate family members.

All Drive& users are automatically enrolled in the referral program as a referrer. You can gain access to the app by downloading Drive& on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It is important to note that even if you were referred, all referees can still participate as referrers and invite their friends themselves.

Other terms & conditions such as reward eligibility, the timeframe of the Grand Referral Raffle, and other information are listed in the blog content itself.

You can reach our community managers and executive team anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to connect with other members of the NATIX community, our team is here to help. Thank you for being part of the NATIX community!

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