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NATIX Drive& App Goes Live on iOS Devices

NATIX Drive& App Goes Live on iOS Devices

NATIX Drive& Move and Earn iOS app

Drive& is now available on the App Store (Updated 2023 July 11th)

We are thrilled to announce that the Drive& app has officially launched on the Apple Store for iOS devices. This achievement is the culmination of countless hours of dedication and tireless effort from our exceptional team, and we are excited to finally introduce it to the NATIXIAN community. You are welcome to Download Drive& on the App Store now!

Drive& is an AI-powered app that redefines the driving experience, revolutionizing the way users navigate, earn, and contribute to their cities. Imagine turning your routine commute into a chance to earn and contribute. With Drive&, that's exactly what we're offering - you're not just navigating around the town, but earning rewards, and shaping your city for the better.

Learn about the revamped NATIX referral program, designed to enhance your Drive& app usage by earning additional in-app points. Take part in the latest Grand Referral Raffle for a chance to win prestigious rewards, including the highly anticipated iPhone 14 smartphone.

As the Drive& app is currently referral & invite-only, it requires a special code to access the application. You can ask for an invitation code in our NATIX Network communities on Telegram and Discord.Learn more about the Drive& app details in the Preparing to drive & earn section below.

The importance of the launch

The Drive& app launch for iOS devices marks a significant milestone for our community. With over 10,000 registered app users and an impressive count of over 10 million detected events, our growth has been remarkable, and we are excited to further accelerate it by welcoming iOS users into the Drive& ecosystem.

In addition to the extensive testing conducted for compatibility with Apple devices, we are excited to share that NATIX, alongside Render Network, is the only project tapping into the AI capabilities of Apple's Bionic chip for a DePIN use case. Leveraging the valuable data and feedback collected during the testing phases, our development team fine-tuned the app's functionality to ensure a seamless user experience for the upcoming iOS launch. We are confident that iOS users will find the app intuitive and easy to use.

At the core of NATIX Network vision lies the goal of creating a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) capable of onboarding the next two billion iOS users. The Drive& app, powered by artificial intelligence, plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. Its user-friendly interface and accessibility to anyone with a smartphone will enable us to reach a vast audience, empowering them to not only drive, but also earn on the go.

the First AI Powered Drive to earn app on IOS

If you have signed up for our waitlist, we will be providing you with a special genesis code via email, which will grant exclusive access to the Drive& app during the app launch. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to experience the app's features and provide feedback to help us improve it further. Keep an eye on your inbox for further details.

We would like to emphasize that the Drive& app is currently referral & invite-only and requires a special code to access the application. You can ask for an invitation code in our NATIX Network communities on Telegram and Discord.

Preparing to Drive & Earn

Before embarking on your Drive& journey, it is essential to ensure that your smartphone is ready for the road. Make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection to fully utilize the app's features. Once you are prepared, mount your phone in a portrait (vertical) position that allows the smartphone camera to capture a clear view of the road and its surroundings. Get ready to embark on an exciting earning adventure with the Drive& app!

NATIX Drive& App in use

To start earning rewards, simply click the "Start Earning" button on the app's homepage to enter detection mode, where you will earn points for every detected event and kilometer driven. The reward system is designed to be fair, taking into account factors such as the time of the event, location, and recency, among others. If you encounter a situation where you are not earning in-app points or experience a lack of internet or GPS connection, the app will send an on-screen notification.

Drive& goes above and beyond by offering a convenient dashcam feature that ensures your safety on the road. With just a tap, the app saves the last 60 seconds of recorded footage, providing you with a reliable backup in case of unexpected incidents or accidents. Say goodbye to worrying about capturing crucial moments while driving—Drive& has you covered with its seamless dashcam functionality, giving you peace of mind on every journey.

If you are feeling lost, follow the link to our Drive& app user manual.

Drive& Points

With the app launch on iOS, Drive& users will now have the exciting opportunity to accumulate up to 100,000 points per day. This temporary measure has been implemented to ensure fair participation and foster the development of a sustainable ecosystem for all Drive& participants. Our ultimate goal is to create a balanced environment that effectively prevents fraud while accurately capturing the valuable data supplied by our users. As we continue to fine-tune our fraud prevention measures and gain a comprehensive understanding of the generated data, we will adjust the maximum daily earning cap accordingly, ensuring a fair and rewarding experience for all.

Please note: Waitlist members can claim their points before August 8, 2023! In order to do so, download the app, register and start using it. After August 8, 2023, all unclaimed points will be removed.

Referral Program

NATIX Drive& move to earn app referral

For every successful referral, where a friend downloads the Drive& app through your link and earns a minimum of 16,000 in-app points, you will be rewarded with 16,000 in-app points of your own. It's important to note that there is a monthly maximum referral limit of 8 to earn points. Follow the link to see detail of the updated NATIX Drive& referral program.


With NATIX in-app points, a world of possibilities unlocks before you. Exchange your accumulated points for a wide range of goods and services, enriching your journey both on and off the road. But that's not all -  stay tuned for the introduction of NTXT tokens later this year, adding even more value to your Drive& experience.

As a valued member of the Drive& community, you will have the exciting opportunity to vote for the rewards you would like to see implemented in the future. We strongly believe in co-creation and want to ensure that the rewards align with your preferences and desires. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the direction we take, making Drive& even more tailored to your needs. Together, we will continue to enhance your Drive& experience and create a platform that truly serves you.

FAQ, Tips & Feedback Sections

We understand that using a new app can often raise questions, and we want to assure you that we've got you covered with our FAQ and Tips sections. Whether you have inquiries about app features, account management, or any other aspect of Drive&, you'll find helpful answers and guidance in these dedicated resources.

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us. We strongly encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with us as it enables us to better understand your needs and enhance the Drive& app accordingly. Your input serves as the driving force behind our unwavering commitment to delivering a top-notch driving experience.

So, whether you need assistance or wish to provide feedback, rest assured that we are here for you every step of the way. Explore our FAQ and Help sections for immediate support, and feel free to utilize the feedback section to share your valuable insights. Together, we will ensure that your Drive& journey is seamless and exceptional.

The NATIX team would like to express our gratitude to our dedicated community for your support and feedback throughout this journey. Your input has been invaluable in shaping the Drive& app for iOS and ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of our users. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming launch, feel free to contact our team on Telegram and Discord. Drive SAFU!

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